Hampton “Fuggle” Hops

The Hampton Estate and hop growing are synonymous. Hops have been grown in the estate’s hop gardens in the village of Puttenham for hundreds of years and these gardens are now the last commercial hop gardens in Surrey.

We specialise in just one variety, the traditional Fuggle hop, revered by brewers throughout the country. Originally grown by Mr Richard Fuggle of Brenchley in Kent it is a classic English aroma hop. It has a wonderful delicate, minty, grassy and slightly floral aroma and its bittering characteristics are described as well rounded, classic and green tea. It has a Flavour Intensity of 6 and an Alpha Acid (bittering) range of between 3% and 5.6%.

In 2017 Hampton Fuggles were awarded the Wigan Cup by The Institute of Brewing and Distilling for the best sample of Fuggle hop in the UK.

In 2017 The Hampton Estate has invested significantly in the hop enterprise. Hop production has increased by a further 10 acres and we have built a new bespoke hop picking and hop drying (oast) facility. A Bruff hop picking machine is being installed and a purpose built kiln drying system is being constructed for the 2017 harvest.

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