The woodlands on the Hampton Estate extend to 1170 acres (475 hectares) and comprise a mix of conifer plantations, broadleaf and mixed woodlands and chestnut and mixed coppice of varying ages. Timber production is situated mainly on light sandy soils which allows for easy extraction during most of the year.

Timber And Timber Product Sales


We sell dry seasoned logs by the pickup load from our estate woodlands and these are available throughout the year. Our logs are air dried and split on site to a convenient size suitable for an open fire or wood burning stove. A typical load comprises approximately 350 logs (from silver birch, beech, oak, elm) and can be delivered within a few days of your order. Delivery is free within 10 miles of Seale and our current price is £120.00 per load  (January 2017).  We no longer deliver over 10 miles from estate.

Our home grown traditional coppiced chestnut is also always available for sale. Traditional chestnut coppicing has been carried out on the estate for many years and provides home grown timber for quality fencing stakes, garden and landscape posts and a variety of gate posts and rails. These are all manufactured on the estate and available for purchase.

Chestnut is an excellent timber and has proved more durable than oak for woodwork that is partly in the ground, such as stakes and fences.

Fencing stakes – 5ft 6ins pointed stakes for general fencing needs.

Garden and landscape posts – We can cut to your specification for pergola timbers, loggia timbers, rustic poles or any other similar requiremen

Gate posts – Sturdy and strong posts are always in stock.

Rails for post and rail fencing – These can be either manufactured from chestnut or soft wood.

Management Policy and Awards

The woodlands are managed within a twenty year Long Term Forest Plan agreed with the Forestry Commission which is a comprehensive document detailing all aspects of the forestry management.

In 2010 the estate won joint first prize in The Royal Forestry Society Excellence in Forestry Awards winning The Duke of Cornwall’s Award.

The judges commented “What made Hampton so special was the way dynamic and original plans fit together so neatly; the huge local population are central to the value added development of the estate’s quality brand”. The President of the Royal Forestry Society added “This competition allows us to tell the very good story of those who are involved in the wise management of woodlands and forestry”.

Please contact the Estate Office on 01483 810465 or email enquiries@hamptonestate.co.uk

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