We are delighted that traditional English beef, sirloin and rump steak, joints and high quality, succulent mince is available direct from the Estate.

Our pedigree herd of Sussex cows thrive on the extensive pasture and wild herbs of the Hog’s Back and are one of England’s oldest native breeds of cattle. In winter they stay outside and as a result are far more healthy. Sussex cows live very happily in Surrey and our Hampton herd is fully certified pasture fed with the Pasture For Life Association (PFLA).  Download our Hampton 100% Pasture Fed document here.

The herd produces wonderfully flavoursome and extremely tender meat which is slow grown and we ensure is hung for at least four weeks. This is critical for the meat to reach its full potential and ensures the flavour that we are seeking. All Hampton produce can be traced on every step of its journey from field to table which is most important for our discerning customers.

Beef is so brilliantly versatile from sizzling steaks to roasting joints, pot roasts to overnight slow cooking, from Italian style mince to a tasty stew. All our beef is fresh, clearly labelled (with weights) and vacuum packed in handy sizes for ease of use.

Download and view the Hampton Price List here.

As well as bespoke orders we offer 2 Beef Bags:

A 10kg Beef Bag will hold a selection of:
1kg steak
4kgs joints (2 x 2kg usually topside and silverside)
3kgs mince (in 0.5kg bags)
2kgs stewing or braising steak (in 0.5kg bags)

£150.00 per bag

A 4kg Beef Bag will hold a selection of:
0.5kg steak
1.5kg joint (usually topside or top rump)
1kg mince
1kg stewing/braising steak

£68 per bag

Mouth-watering fillet and our 100% beef burgers are available separately and we are very happy to make up a bespoke beef bag with your individual order. Typically this might be 1 double rib, 3 kgs mince, 1kg stewing steak and 2 packs of sausages which will be ready for you on collection day.


Wild venison in a range of cuts including fillet, haunch, diced and minced venison. Venison is low in fat, high in iron, easy to cook and makes a very special meal be it a TV supper or candlelit dinner.


Hampton Herby (free range pork) Sausages are for sale in convenient packs of six and taste wonderful. Our free range pork comes from the next door village of Shackleford. These are traditional sausages and cook beautifully.

Hampton Special Steak Pies

Only our finest stewing and braising steak is used in our home made steak pie range. A family pie will feed four and a single pie will provide a wonderful meal for one. Tender meat, herb enriched gravy and light mouthwatering short crust pastry create a very special pie available only on collection days.

How to Order

Please email us at with your order or telephone us on 01483 810465. We will confirm your order. Please check Hampton Estate Newsletter for the next collection day when we will have your order ready and waiting for you here on the farm.

We look forward to seeing you on the day for a cup of steaming coffee or lunchtime glass of wine, a piece of homemade cake or a Hampton Herby sausage taster.

Farming Policy

Our farming practices are extensive and the Estate is home to a wide range of habitats and environments all of which promote an amazing array of wildlife. The farms are all included in the DEFRA funded Environmental Stewardship Scheme and parts of the Estate are designated in the Higher Level Environmental Stewardship Scheme. This ensures that we are positively managing the land for both environmental and commercial aims which can go hand in hand.

The estate’s wild bird register currently names eighty two different species seen over the past twelve months by members of staff.

Please contact the Estate Office on 01483 810465 or email

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