Hampton Fuggles Hops for the Homebrewer

Our award winning Hampton Fuggles Hops are now available direct from the farm in handy vacuum packs for home brewing.  We grow and nurture the hops in exactly the same way as for our brewery and hop merchant customers but realise that many expert home brewers are missing out.

This is no longer the case as Hampton Fuggles are now available in 500 gram foil packs.

We grow, dry and sell only one variety of English hop, the traditional Fuggle, one of the mainstays of English beer over the centuries. We hand fill and then vacuum pack our freshly dried hops immediately after harvest so that they retain flavour, zest and vigour for your home brew.
Each pack weighs 500 grams.

The characteristics of a well grown Fuggle hop ; It has a wonderful delicate, minty, grassy and slightly floral aroma and its bittering characteristics are described as well rounded, classic and green tea. It has a Flavour Intensity of 6 and an Alpha Acid (bittering) range of between 3% and 5.6%.

To order your homebrew pack please email office@hamptonestate.co.uk or telephone the estate office to chat over your requirements 01483 810465

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