Hampton newsletter November 2012

Festive foods

Get prepared for your culinary winter warmers!

Roll up roll up for Hampton Estate produce and we have excellent supplies for our next collection day on FRIDAY 30th NOVEMBER. Having said that, already prime double ribs have been ordered and reserved, fillet is fast disappearing, sirloin joints are being eyed up and braising steak for aromatic casseroles is being booked by all those savvy home chefs out there. Please book your order in as soon as you can to avoid any disappointment.

Also on the menu will be fresh oven ready pheasant as it’s that time of year again. Roast pheasant is so simple and quick, treat it just like a small chicken and add lots of herbs and a thick gravy. It’s also remarkably cheap at just £4 per bird. Surround the bird (or birds) with Hampton Herby sausages and then every member of the family will be happy. Lots of Hampton Herby’s ready for the 30th.

Don’t forget your annual venison order or that piece of traditional brisket and for the more ambitious we will have our 100% beefburgers lined up for your winter barbeque. As you will have gathered the 30th November is our big collection day before Christmas and needs your undivided attention.

We will be joined on the 30th by The Surrey Garden Cider Company whose produce many will have sampled at beef collection days here.Tastings will be available and cider will be for sale. Similarly Foragers Finest will be back with their chutney’s and preserves and there will be lots to buy.

We will be at Myrtles Courtyard Christmas Fair on Friday 23rd November (see the Hampton website news item for all details) and also at Barfield School Christmas Fair on the following Saturday 1st December from 12 until 3pm. Do come and say hello.

And the news that lots have been waiting for, the second Hampton Pop Up Restaurant, will be appearing again on New Year’s Day. This year we will be popping up at Myrtles Courtyard for ‘Salt Beef and Champagne ‘which we will be serving, with a pud, from 12 noon to 3pm. All details will be on our website so after your ‘Puttenham Common New Year’s Day blow the cobwebs off walk ‘, come and join us.

We really look forward to seeing everyone on Friday 30th November for coffee, wine, cake, biscuits and sausage tasters. Very happy autumnal cooking.

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