Hampton Newsletter July 2012

Our summer, yes, summer collection day is on FRIDAY JULY 27th and we have Hampton beef, Hampton Herby Sausages, Hampton 100% beef burgers and Hampton wild venison available for collection. Please order as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment and if you have a bespoke order the longer we have to organise it the better. Fresh coffee, cakes, biscuits, sausage tasting and elderflower from 10.00am with the red wine being opened at about lunchtime. Do join us if you can.

Our revamped and slightly more up to date website is launching today which worryingly includes Bill’s Blog – see www.hamptonestate.co.uk. Luckily at the moment Bill has no idea how to input the blog and quite what’s needed! No doubt it will all become clear and you will soon get a regular update of Hampton News, which I’m very concerned could easily become an extension of The Archers but without the good music.

Our designer Sophie Fenton has done an excellent job in pulling together the numerous and diverse strands of our business which collectively forms The Hampton Estate, and sprinkled it all with new and evocative images.

We would like to be making hay (mown grass, dried in the wind and baled) but the weather has other ideas at the moment. We will use the hay for winter feeding, especially for the younger calves but as you will have noticed I refer to ‘dried’ in the wind, which includes a bit of sun, and both are conspicuous by their absence. The silver lining to this predicament is that the cows today have plenty of summer grass and are enjoying herb enriched pastures all over the farm. Similarly our hops are relishing lots of water and are certainly not under any stress from drought.

Friday 27th July is also the opening day of the Olympics so there could be sporting discussions over the elderflower and no doubt lots of interest in the opening ceremony involving farm animals, fields and all things rural. We haven’t had the call up yet for 25 cows to the Olympic Park.

Do email or call us with your order and Bridget and I really look forward to seeing you on the 27th. Our next beef day will be on FRIDAY 21st SEPTEMBER so do stock up for the summer, the impending barbeques and that special family gathering if you can.

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