Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Newsletter January 2021

A rather belated Happy New Year to all our customers and friends, and just to confirm that we will be continuing to hold our monthly Drive Thru Beef Days in 2021 just as before. I’m pleased to report that we are deemed essential retailers (something we always guessed was the case and now we know) and Hampton beef is an essential item, obviously.

Over Christmas, here at Hampton we enjoyed our salt beef and bresaola from silverside and brisket, we were delighted with our Bramble Farm turkey, and cooked up some fantastic goulash and cottage pie with Hampton prime mince. And all of the above go so well with autumnal chutneys from our tomato and apple glut, washed down with a dash of sloe gin.

Enough reminiscences, now to the future, and its looking very bright for FRIDAY 29th JANUARY and the first BEEF COLLECTION DRIVE THRU 2021. Two exceptionally well-muscled carcasses with excellent fat covering are hanging in Surrey’s premier cold store and Helen is awaiting your orders. Fillet, sirloin, and rump steaks are ready to order, but also don’t forget the ultra-delicious flat iron, spider, feather and hanger steaks which Simon the butcher magics from each animal. The carvery ribs are selling fast, but there are still some left – a two-rib joint surrounded by roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding looks fantastic on Zoom to impress your fellow virtual diners. Talking of impressing, don’t forget the short ribs, a Hampton signature dish. We also have the aforementioned silverside (straight roast, pot roast or salted to show off) plus brisket, topside and top rump all full of flavour and goodness. There is prime mince to order together with braising, stewing and diced steak meaning that any and every beef recipe is catered for. We can parcel up a 10kg family bag with a variety of the above or a 4kg convenience bag if it’s more convenient, and don’t forget the offal. Fantastic liver, oxtail, heart and kidney for the January lockdown evenings when inspiration and a challenge are both needed.

Venison is on the menu, as are Hampton Herby sausages and Hampton Beef Bangers and we can make as many 100% Hampton Beefburgers as needed for those adventurous lock down barbequers. And brilliant news, we can make you your favourite Hampton Special Beef Pie in either family or individual size and have enough stock to make quite a few. Just send over your order as soon as possible because we know they will go fast.

In the past few years, January diets (which we wholeheartedly avoid) have led to the concept of Veganuary, a.k.a. going vegan for January. This year we are really excited that the notion of Regenuary has taken off. Regenuary challenges veganism and asks consumers to think more deeply about the provenance of food – air miles, production systems, environmental impact and animal wellbeing. This is all about raising awareness of regenerative farming, which is exactly what we practice and bang on about at Hampton.
Our 100% pasture fed system relies on a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming systems. It focuses on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving the water cycle, enhancing ecosystem services, supporting biosequestration, increasing resilience to climate change, and strengthening the overall health and vitality of our farm soil. The goodness of our meat is as a direct result of our grass and pastures which only thrive because of our care for the soil. Simple stuff. Add in the fact that our beef cows are not pushed to grow but do so completely naturally, outdoors, and its not surprising that there is a difference in taste, texture and goodness to all other beef rearing systems.

Grab a sirloin, roast some short ribs, throw together cottage pie and soon it will be February and spring will be just around the corner. I read last week that ‘food is now the new commute’ and as lockdown continues food will take on even more significance. Just make sure it’s the right, well sourced, local food, and pop your order in now to helenjackson@hamptonestate.co.uk!
We really look forward to seeing you on Friday 29th January and do please get in touch with any recipe queries, joint selection, roasting times and regenerative thoughts.

Very best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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