Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Newsletter February 2021

Thank you to everyone for ordering and picking up your beef so incredibly efficiently last week. No one forgot, everyone Drove Thru and the hot topic of conversation via each wound down window was who had had the vaccine. It’s great to know that so many have been successfully jabbed. And now it’s time to remind you of our next Drive Thru on Friday 26th FEBRUARY. If there was any further vindication needed for purchasing Hampton Pasture for Life Beef, just have a look at The Daily Telegraph of Monday 1st February where beef from The Hampton Estate is described as ‘Hands down the best we have ever bought and tasted’. Check out page 21 for such kind comments.

I am delighted to report that we have beef galore for your order. Prime mince is always so versatile at this time of year for the lock down cottage pie, as is diced and stewing steak for aromatic and tender casseroles and stews. Brisket was extremely popular last month for long slow cooking and all the topside and top rump joints disappeared rapidly which bodes well for local Sunday lunches. There are sirloin, rump, spider, flatiron and hanger steaks to enjoy but what really took my eye last month was the sheer quality of the carvery rib joints. Simply stunning, and the epitome of the finest English roast beef. Just add roast potatoes and parsnips, some fresh carrots, thick gravy and a good bottle of red.

Hampton Beef Bangers and Hampton Herbies will be available and as well as a breakfast staple it’s worth considering making a sausage pie or sausage casserole for supper, both of which go well with baked potatoes, steamed leeks, and carrots on the side. Our venison stocks are being replenished with two animals brought in yesterday and venison steaks at this time of year make a good alternative to beef. We will also have diced, minced and fillet, and for that Henry 8th moment a haunch works wonders and wows everyone in the family.
There will be a limited number of the incredibly popular Hampton Special Beef Pies and I would seriously consider ordering now to avoid any disappointment. Family size (feeds 4) or individuals will be available, but stocks are limited.
We also have a good variety of offal including heart, (who saw Rick Stein’s recipe for heart a couple of weeks ago?) liver, kidney, tongue and oxtail. These are winter warmers of the first order and the flavour is outstanding. More and more customers are ordering offal and making the most amazing dishes with inspirational recipes from around the world.

As an update on herd management, we weaned the cows and calves in early January, using a natural weaning technique with a strong fence separating them. Calves can see and touch their mothers but can’t access their mother’s milk. Instead, we feed them a grass-based cattle cake to supplement their hay, and stress levels on both sides of the fence are reduced considerably. We have also blood tested all the animals and I’m pleased to report a very healthy herd as our High Herd Health Certificate attests.

Away from the beef herd we have been planting trees around the estate, restocking the clear fell sites. In Landthorne wood above Seale we have planted 4,500 Douglas Pine on a sloping site which has been deer and rabbit fenced for protection from hungry mouths. We have also beefed up an adjoining sweet chestnut plantation with young chestnut trees in tubes. When the snow fell last week, the first job was to check the fenced off areas for wild footprints. So far so good! At the other end of the woodland system forester Rob is coppicing mature sweet chestnut in Binton wood, which he is cutting for stake lengths, hop poles and gate posts which we will use across the estate during the year. The coppiced trees will start to grow back immediately and will be productive again in about 25 years’ time. Forestry is all long-term stuff.

To all those dogs who enjoyed Hampton Woffals I’m delighted to report that more will be available on 26th February. Thank you to everyone’s dog for such positive feedback, and any more would be most welcome. A jam jar of Hampton Woffals is yours for £5, and they contain pasture fed beef heart and liver, free range egg and strong white flour.

Talking of surveys, we would be really grateful if you have a moment to fill in our own 2021 Hampton Beef Happiness Survey. We know what an interest you take in Hampton beef products and your thoughts would be hugely appreciated. It’s not too onerous and will be incredibly helpful in our future planning. Please click HERE to access and your responses will be sent back to Molly and we will disseminate over a glass of red.

Brilliant chef Robyn is again offering cakes, brownies, and bread, which can be ordered through Helen and picked up on the 26th Feb. The following is available to collect with your beef.

8” cakes (8 servings)
Victoria sandwich £9
Lemon drizzle £9
Chocolate £11
Coffee £9
Sticky gingerbread loaf £8
Fruit loaf £8
Seeded soda bread £4.50
Chocolate brownies with white choc chunks (gluten free) £1 each, in batches of 4, 8, or 12

We really look forward to seeing you on FRIDAY 26th FEBRUARY from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm and please send over your order to Helen helenjackson@hamptonestate.co.uk as soon as possible. Any beefy questions do call either Bridget or I here at the estate office and we can help with menus, cuts and pasture queries.

Very best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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