Timber and Logs Newsletter November 2012


Welcome to the first update from us on logs, timber and all things woody. We realise that we have a wonderfully faithful customer base who have been buying logs and timber products from us for many years and I thought that it would be good just to update everyone now and again with timber matters on the estate.

Our investment in a new four bay log store during the summer has paid off handsomely as we now have even more storage space for split logs. Facing south it is bathed in sunlight and benefits from good breezes making for naturally air dried logs. Add to this our purchase of a log processor last March, which once attached to the tractor breaks down our estate timber into handy sized logs and we have a pretty efficient system.

Log orders are not surprisingly driven largely by the weather but if you need some then do order now as we can easily supply before Christmas. Once snow sets in or ice appears (or the temperature simply takes a bit of a dip) log orders will shoot up and there could be a bit of a queue.

The forestry team consists of Carlton Moore our head woodman who oversees the management of the 900 acres of timber on the estate. He is assisted by his son Robert who joined us last year and also by Paul Blunden who works part time in the woods and spends the rest of the working week controlling vermin around the estate. Currently Paul is thinning silver birch on Lower Puttenham Common whilst Carlton and Rob have just started this year’s chestnut coppicing at Britty Hill. We will use the chestnut for hop poles in our hop gardens at Puttenham, for fencing stakes, gate posts and shutting posts around the cattle grazing fields and for wood chip for our biomass heating boilers at Shoelands Farm Office development and Binton Farm cottage development.

The woods are looking particularly spectacular in their autumn colours at present and I do hope that you can take advantage of the footpaths and bridleways which crisscross them and take a walk if you have a moment.

Elsewhere on the farm we are repairing our hop gardens and fences and gearing up our beef production for Christmas. Do have a look at our website for details of our Naturally Reared Hampton pedigree beef sales, together with news of our 1st January 2013 Pop Up Restaurant. Check our news items on the home page.           www.hamptonestate.co.uk

Do ring or email the estate office for logs and thank you for bearing with me this far and making it to the end.

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