The Hampton Estate sells a wide variety of produce, from four week hung naturally reared grass fed beef cuts to pick up loads of seasoned ,split hard wood logs for the fire plus lots lots more. All sales are coordinated through the estate office as the estate does not have its own farm shop, however we sell direct to you.

For Hampton Naturally Reared Beef, Hampton Herby Sausages, Hampton Special beef Pies,  Hampton 100% beefburgers, Hampton Very Wild Rabbit Hampton, Wild Venison please check our meat page.

For logs delivered to your door, Hampton timber products, fence posts and garden timber for landscaping please check the logs page.

For decorative hops (August and September only) please check the hops page.

Please email us at or call us on 01483 810465 and ask for Bill or Bridget who will be delighted to discuss any product, availability and even give a hand with menu planning if needed.

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