Hampton Newsletter September 2015

Sept-2015 Hop harvest…

Our September beef collection day will be on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 25th and the beef is, as always at this time in the month, hanging in the butcher’s coldstore, gently maturating. Four weeks hanging is just one of the secrets to the quality of Hampton beef.

And that prime beef is available for order in 10kg family bags (steaks, joints, stewing, mince), in best barbeque bags (steaks, bangers, burgers), in bespoke form (for instance a couple of steaks, a roasting joint and two kgs of mince plus two packets of Hampton Herby Sausages), or in whatever form you want (a complete sirloin to roast for a very special family get together). Hampton Beef Bangers and Hampton Herby Sausages are available in packs of six, and Hampton 100% beefburgers are all ready and waiting for you in packs of four.

Hampton Special Beef Pies are also on the menu this month and as ever are incredibly popular with young and old alike. Using only the best prime stewing or braising steak, fresh vegetables from the walled garden and some fine red our pies are filled with flavour. Individual or family sized they will be snapped up by those pie aficionados amongst you who know your onions. Order now.

After much demand last month we are restocking the freezer with Hampton wild venison which is always so popular, but restocking takes time, so do order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. It’s still the buck season for roe deer and invariably Paul our stalker can find any number of does early in the mornings on his rounds whilst the bucks stay sensibly out of range, hence the squeeze on supplies.

September and October are perfect months for large Shepherds Pies, family sized Lasagne, that very exotic Moussaka with the last of the aubergines, or the first deep stew of the early autumn. Do let us know what you need in the way of beef, or a recipe and we are here to help.

We are delighted to have two big attractions on 25th September here at Hampton to add variety to your visit. Tessa Smith will be having an exhibition in the house of her glorious black and white photography to which everyone is warmly invited. Family groups, individual portraits, pets, even the golf bag and the car have all been subjected to Tessa’s lens and the results are sensational.

Worth thinking about a photo shoot for Christmas and more details for Tess at www.tessasmithphotography.com  Her exhibition runs all day.

We are also really pleased to welcome The Cold Pressed Oil Company, based at Clare Park Farm, Crondall, where they grow and press English rapeseed. Its delicious oil and works especially well in the Hampton wok. Charlie, who runs it will be with us to give out tasters and temp us with his dressings and sauces of which his truffle oil is an absolute winner. www.coldpressedoil.co.uk

Our hop pickers are doing stirling work in the Puttenham hop gardens bringing in the 2015 crop. Our Fuggles hops survived the extremely dry weather in June and early July and then lapped up the August damp which swelled the fruit and gave them the necessary aroma which our brewery customers demand. The hop gardens look glorious with a full crop reaching up to the sky and this week’s weather looks set fair which is incredibly helpful for everyone in the garden on tractors and trailers. Don’t forget that now is the time for a Hampton hop garland if you need a 365 day dried flower arrangement. Available from the hop garden (GU3 1AY) until we finish picking (approx. 17th September) we can supply lovely decorative bines for £18 each. I’m afraid that they will not be available on Friday 25th as all will have been picked and dried. Do order today.

In the meantime our new to us (second hand) hop picking machine, to be installed over the winter arrived from Herefordshire on five low loaders last week and almost caused the biggest Hampton traffic jam imaginable as they somehow managed to meet in front of the house from different directions. Now all unloaded and waiting for the new hop picking building to be erected.

And just to update everyone on our bull saga, General, of poorly foot fame, is now grazing with the rest of our boys in the water meadows by the River Wey standing firm on four feet with seemingly not a care in the world. Regent, our new arrival continues to look mighty and very happy with his lot, as he does his stuff in the Park with the herd. I think in rugby terms he has played himself into the first team, but we also have strength in depth.

Bridget and I really look forward to seeing everyone who is picking up Hampton beef, venison, sausages etc on Friday 25th. Fresh coffee and cake will be ready and waiting for you from 10.00am and do order on line or on phone to be sure.

For your diary just note two beef days left this year 30th October and 27th November.

Best wishes

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