Hampton Newsletter September 2014

Forestry works continue, August collection day and our new bull ‘General’

Our September beef collection day will be on Friday 26th and do put the date in your diary and put your order in now. Hampton prime beef is in good supply and we have 10kg family bags available plus any cut you wish to choose in a bespoke sort of a way, or any amount of prime minced beef, stewing or braising steak if you are thinking ahead with casseroles and autumnal stews.

Our Hampton wild venison joints will again be on offer plus our Hampton Herbie sausages and beef bangers. For the hardy there are our 100% beefburgers for that last summer fling barbeque. An array of produce all ready to be ordered. For those who picked up meat at our last day in August and also went away with cucumbers and courgettes, this particular glut is now over, however I’m sure that September will see chillies in abundance.

We really look forward to your order and we will be open from 10.00am onwards on the 26th for coffee, cake, biscuits and sausage tasters plus a good bottle of red at about lunch time.

September at Hampton always means hop picking and we have already started picking, processing and drying the crop. Our first day was remarkably wet which proved a baptism of fire for this year’s hop picking team but at the end of the first week good progress has been made. The crop is yielding well and the hops themselves are a verdant green full of aroma and essential oils which will put the bitter into each pint of Hogs Back Brewery bitter, Harvey’s Best Bitter and the Black Sheep Brewery’s fine bitter. Our hops are a variety called Fuggles and if hop growers are a rare breed (less than 60 hop farms in the country) then Fuggles growers are even rarer! Picking will take us until the middle of September and finishes with some expert beer tasting on the last afternoon after which our hop pickers return to university with tales of rural life to tell.

The cows are well and enjoying the late summer grass which has sprung up after the heat of early July and the recent rains on bank holidays. All the grazing fields in the park are returning to a healthy green rather than a yellowy savannah. Our Lucerne crop continues to impress us all with a third cut having been taken and wrapped in big round bales. We are confident of a fourth cut at the end of September (compared to hay which gives us just one cut),  and we will use the Lucerne as a high protein fodder for the calves and beef animals during the winter. More naturally reared food for their diet.

Bridget and I really look forward to seeing you on Friday 26th September and do call or email your order.

Very best wishes

Bill and Bridget








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