Hampton Newsletter September 2012

Our next collection day is on FRIDAY 21st SEPTEMBER, only a few days away at the rate this month is flying past. Bridget and I really look forward to seeing everyone who is collecting beef, sausages, beefburgers, venison and pies and thanks to all for ordering so promptly. Fresh biscuits, cake, coffee and sausage tasters will be ready and Im afraid that we are just about sold out of everything this month.

It’s go go go at Hampton at the moment. Our hop harvest is in full swing and we are bringing top quality Fuggles hops in from the hop gardens (gardens in Hampshire, paddocks in Kent) to dry and press into our Hampton hop pockets. The pockets go straight to our brewery customers which this year are The Hogs Back Brewery, Harvey’s of Lewes and The Black Sheep Brewery in Yorkshire. Decorative hop garlands are ready for sale now from the hop garden and make a wonderful 365 day dried flower arrangement. Come and see us harvesting and pick up a garland for just £15.

Meanwhile in the arable fields the two combine harvesters are going flat out and are being chased by two large balers which are baling up the golden barley straw which we will feed to the cows when the grass runs out this winter.

Our farm walk is on Saturday 22nd September and do come along for a walk/tractor and trailer ride to see the cattle and park. We have two expert local ornithologists who will be giving us bird tips along the way. We start at 11.00am at Myrtles Courtyard and return for an optional Hampton Estate produce barbeque lunch. Just check the news item on our home page for more details.

On Sunday the 23rd September the annual Hampton Sponsored Ride takes place around the estate involving literally hundreds of ponies and horses, lots of jumps and a fantastic amount of funds raised for the Phyllis Tuckwell hospice. Do contact us if you would like to take part.

Next weekend on Sunday the 16th September the Farnham Rotarians are again organising the Pilgrims Marathon which starts and finishes in The Sands and uses much of the estate. It was voted as one of the top ten new marathon courses in the country and goes cross country along the North Downs Way. In the meantime this weekend saw the Walk Under the Stars teams raising money again for the hospice walking through the night across the estate from Guildford to Farnham with our very own Hampton team taking part.

On the property front we have a lovely three bedroom cottage soon available to rent at the new Binton Farm Courtyard and also a state of the art rural office available to let at Shoelands Farm offices. Any takers? We also have a very good supply of dried split logs which we sell by the pick-up load. Have a look on our website for more details but now is the time to stock up and we are ready to deliver.

Our next collection day will be FRIDAY OCTOBER 26th. We look forward to your September orders and hope that September cooking goes fantastically well.

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