Hampton Newsletter October 2015


Voted one of the best beasts ever by butchers Michael Humphries of Rowledge (and heavy) I am delighted to report we are now taking orders for our October beef collection day. This will be on FRIDAY 30th OCTOBER and please do order as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. We have our family 10kg bags available (the special mix of joints, mince, braising and steak) as well as any bespoke order that you require. How about a 2kg piece of rolled sirloin or a double rib on the bone, each oozing with flavour, so easy to cook and they look superb? Silverside, top rump and topside are all great roasting joints especially with roast spuds, or pot roast a brisket with onions, carrots, a leek, a parsnip and a good splosh of red. It’s almost autumn and we all deserve a roast! Add a couple of kilos of mince and a kilo of shin (just in case) and hey presto you have a bespoke order.

Pulled brisket is just as delicious after a long slow cook, served on granary bread with mustard and could be the answer to your menu conundrum. Just a thought.

Hampton Herbies, those incredibly popular house sausages will be available as will our Hampton Beef Bangers to which everyone exclaims “I can’t believe its beef”.

For anyone keen on the autumn barbeque we have our 100% beefburgers ready to order and coupled with the above sausages, you can’t go wrong.

And I think we should have supplies of venison as our two very professional stalkers patrol the woodlands and fields in the early mornings and late afternoons looking for specimens.

I watched Mike Robinson from The Pot Kiln pub the other day giving a masterclass of venison butchery in the food theatre at the Surrey Country Fair and Ploughing Match held at Loseley. He was extremely skilled, extremely entertaining and gave me lots of tips and thoughts for recipes. I also invested in a terrific venison cookery book which will be on display on October 30th called “Venison, The Game Larder” and gives a comprehensive guide to all things deer. It’s good to know that our wild roe deer are consistently voted the best tasting of all venison species.

I am afraid that you’ve eaten all the pies! Actually it’s more that we haven’t any meat from last month’s beef day to make into pies as all meat was sold so they are off the menu this month. Possibly next month, depending on the chef’s temperament and Christmas spirit, as our next beef day on Friday November 27th will be our last for 2015.

With both the Rugby World Cup and the British Bake Off behind us we turn to exciting new adventures in the hop world. Our new hop garden in Puttenham is about to take shape and the last hop garden specialist in the country is descending on Puttenham during October to start building the garden. He first has to square the area then put in a screw peg for each plant (1000 per acre) before he starts on erecting poles and finally the wire work. All this in an incredibly clay bound field which is ok to work on if dry but nearly impossible if wet. He is up against it once the clocks go back and the days become shorter but will return in the spring to finish. Meanwhile we will be planting new hop plants (all Fuggles variety) in December so that they get a good start, with lots of moisture and roots that take well.

We welcomed the Surrey Federation of WIs to Myrtle’s courtyard last month for a celebration of rural crafts and country fayre with lots of local food and produce stalls. We saw many old friends and welcome to new readers of the Hampton Newsletter who signed up at the event. Silent Pool Gin were in fine form (nothing like a gin taster at 9.30am) and they think that hops could be a new ingredient for gin. It’s surprising how quickly a delivery of green hops can be made under very special circumstances. The day was great success, helped by glistening late summer sunshine and lots of happy visitors.

Do put Friday 30th October into your diary, tablet, smartphone or chalk it up on the wall. Do think about those large, delicious shepherds pies, lasagnes, bolognaises, sausage rolls and all the beef ingredient you will need to make them. Do join Bridget and I for fresh cake, fresh coffee, a glass of red at lunchtime, a sausage taster and lots of chat, and do put your order in as soon as inspiration hits.

We look forward to seeing you at the end of the month

Best wishes

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