Hampton Newsletter October 2014

am I really going on that?

FRIDAY 24th OCTOBER is only a couple of weeks away and we have lots of prime Hampton beef for sale. Bridget and I really look forward to seeing everyone for fresh coffee and cake, a chance for a chat, swop a recipe or two, eat a piping hot sausage taster and we will put your Hampton bag safely in your car. What a way to shop.

Hampton 10 kg bags will always provide your every beef need, with a mixture of steaks, joints, stewing and braising steak and mince. Or if you prefer to put in a bespoke order for that family roast rib, the celebratory sirloin joint or you simply have a mountain of mouths to feed and need loads of braising steak for the casserole please just order away and we will be delighted to supply.

Hampton Herbie sausages are aplenty as are our Beef Bangers, all delicious both hot (think Toad in the Hole or sausage pie) or cold (late summer picnic with a mug of soup ).We are culling deer when time permits and there is a good supply of venison mince in the freezer. It makes the most mouth-watering shepherd’s pie or spag bol and you use the mince in exactly the same way as beef. Just ask everyone to spot the difference.

Crisply baked Hampton Special Beef Pies will be available in both individual and family sizes and are packed full of Hampton beef, Hampton herbs and a good glug of good red. Do order as soon as you can to avoid massive disappointment as they will be in limited supply.

Duke our bull, who has graced these newsletters many times over the past three years has finally moved home to Cornwall. The biggest cattle truck in the UK came to pick him up ( astonishingly it takes 650 sheep in a load) and we manoeuvred said truck down the drive skimming the overhanging branches and the driver brilliantly backed it up to our loading pen. No mean feat and we were all very impressed. Duke I’m pleased to say travelled in First Class on the top deck with his own water supply and air con, above the mixture of sheep and cattle below, also heading west. We received a lovely email from his new owners saying that he had arrived safely the next day and last week their update gave us a bit more news;

Duke has to be the most laid back Sussex yet – we took his group of cows and calves in for drenching, normally a chance for bulls to shout at each other as they pass – but, no, he just found a convenient hill to watch from and waited ’til his herd came back.

We’re very pleased.”

Bridget and I are delighted that all our training has paid off!

Duke’s replacement, General, (we seem to be going down in the world) is also behaving well and is marshalling his troops impressively. The herd with their calves is still in the park taking advantage of the last late summer grass and he marches around them keeping them all in check. By the end of this month we will be weaning the older calves from their mothers and bringing the young stock back from the Hogs Back fields onto the drier sandier fields nearer the park for the winter months. Before then we need to check over all the fencing around those fields and replace wire and posts where needed.

Last month saw the usual flurry of activity around the estate at weekends, with the Rotary Pilgrims Marathon using bridleways, footpaths and Puttenham Common, followed a week later by The Hampton Sponsored Ride (500 horses this year over 40 jumps on an eight mile course) and in between we hosted a charity clay shoot for The Clockhouse at Milford. Amazingly the weather held for each event.

Do put our next beef collection day in your diary, email or phone in your order and we really look forward to seeing you at Hampton at the end of the month.

Happy cooking at all times










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