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Friday 25th October is our next beef collection day and orders are now being taken.

These can vary from a half kilo of best Hampton minced beef via a three rib roasting joint to a Hampton 10kg family beef bag. The beef world is your oyster and our enthusiastic and skilful booking team are waiting for your call or email. We have a good supply of steak, joints and mince, not to mention delicious stewing and braising steak or even shin for the first casserole of the mellow season.

Why not add to your beef order a couple of packs of the best Hampton Herby Sausages or try our new beef bangers, or better still have a go at Hampton wild venison and wow the family? Haunches, loin, diced and minced venison (roe deer from the Hampton woods and fields) is currently available and absolutely delicious. Dead easy to cook (hot oven and lots of faith) and all wonderfully autumnal.

Hampton Special Beef Pies will be ready for collection this month but please order as soon as possible because demand will undoubtedly exceed supply no matter how hard the chefs try. Made with Hampton herbs, a good bottle of red, Hampton prime beef and freshly diced onions our steak pies really are special and come in two sizes, individual and family.

The cows and calves are well and enjoying the late grass growth. Our next task is pregnancy diagnosing the mums and weaning their calves, which will be a noisy operation and scheduled for the end of the month. In the meantime we are gently herding all the animals in outlying grazing areas to their winter fields which will be drier and more sheltered for them.

The herd were one of the attractions, along with the donkey rides and tractor and trailer rides, of our farm walk held at Myrtle’s Courtyard at the end of September. Thanks to all for your great support for this event which culminated in a Hampton barbeque featuring our 100%beefburgers and sausages.

Next up at Myrtles is the Christmas Fair on Friday 22nd November when we are expecting a full house of Christmas present stalls ranging from food to jewellery to crafts to the unexpected. It’s a fabulous Fair, very well attended and do put the date in your diary now.

For more details check out:- www.facebook.com/myrtlescourtyardchristmasfair

Fresh coffee, tea, biscuits and cake will be ready from 10.30 am on the 25th, plus a glass of red and a sausage taster at about lunchtime and Bridget and I really look forward to seeing everyone.

Very happy cooking

 Bill and Bridget

 ps Our last 2013 Beef Collection will be Friday 29th November. Christmas orders are being taken!!

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