Hampton Newsletter May 2016


The early barbeque season is upon us and Hampton beef is available and ready for you to order at our next collection day on FRIDAY 27th MAY. We have lots of steak, sausages and our wonderful 100%beefburgers but why not branch out and barbeque a rib? Or why not set the barbeque a bit lower and slow roast a silverside, baste it loads as you savour a Hogs Back Beer and add a little oak or cherry to the charcoal to give a delicate smoke? Or have a complete change and barbeque some Hampton Wild Venison steaks which will be mouth-wateringly good and provide a great talking point for the barbeque chef. Barbequing is fun and right on point. Don’t miss out. Alternatively our well established Hampton BBQ bag holds four good sized steaks, 8 beef burgers and twelve beef sausages and still costs just £50.

As always our traditional Hampton Family Bags are available holding 10kgs of prime Hampton beef including steak, roasts, mince and stewing or braising steak. Everything you need for any recipe imaginable (which includes beef).

Following feed back from customers we are delighted to introduce new this month a very handy 4kg Hampton Convenient beef bag. This holds 2 rump steaks, a 1.5kg family roasting joint, 1kg of prime minced beef, 0.5kg of best stewing steak and 0.5 kg of juicy braising steak. All this for £60 and packaged as usual in a convenient Hampton hessian bag.

And if that sounds like a bit too much then we make up any order you wish. For instance, a topside joint, two kilos of braising steak and a packet of sausages is just as good and will be ready and waiting for you.

Venison is definitely available this month and we have a good supply of haunches at present. This is fabulous meat and we also have diced and minced venison which make the best casseroles and bolognaises.

And for those adventurous chefs who push the barriers there is excellent and very tasty liver, heart, kidney and even tongue. All well worth an experiment if you’ve never tried them before.

Come and see us on FRIDAY 27th MAY for a big cup of coffee or tea, some of Bridget’s freshly baked cakes and biscuits and pick up your beef accompanied as always with fresh herbs from the Hampton walled garden. But do put your order in to avoid disappointment and email Kate at office@hamptonestate.co.uk and CLICK NOW to get things going.

The new hop gardens at Puttenham are really taking shape and the first half of the field is nearing completion. There is only one man in the country who puts up new hop gardens and very luckily he has been working with us over the winter. The oak anchor blocks were sunk in the ground last October and the basic posts and wire put in place. In November we planted the new hop plants and in April the contractors returned to continue construction. This year we will not be harvesting the new hops but they need to have strings to be trained to or canes in the other section and these are now largely in place.

The cows are enjoying their new fresh spring grass either in the park, on the slopes of the Hogs Back or in the water meadows by the River Wey. The calves are growing well and love the sun on their backs, and the exceptional grass quality at this time of year means that the mothers have good supplies of high quality milk.

The annual Ride in the Park takes place here at Hampton on Sunday 22nd May. The garden is open, the drives are for bikes and pedal power only and there will be a wonderful tea at Myrtles Courtyard. Do come. The Loseley Ice Cream van will also be making a guest appearance.

Please put Friday 27th May in your diary and Bridget and I look forward to seeing everyone coming for beef and all things Naturally Reared. Coffee and cake from 10.30am onwards.

Our next beef day will be on Friday 24th June.

Very best wishes,

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