Hampton Newsletter May 2013

Sussex cattle enjoying Surrey sunshine

 Enjoying our new fields……

The sun is shining on the green fields of Hampton and at long last there is a tad of warmth. Yippee. The brisk breeze has faded and there is quite a chance of sitting outside and not needing a jacket. Yippee.

And there is Prime Hampton beef available on Friday 24th May at our next collection day. Yippee.

Do put your order in as soon as possible for beef (bags of 10kgs or bespoke orders of cuts, joints, offal, steaks, mince,) Hampton Herby sausages, Hampton venison and rabbit (both wild), Hampton 100%beef burgers and best of all Hampton Special Beef Pies. Last month we almost ran out of meat such was the demand and Bridget and I would hate you to be disappointed, so if it’s our beef you’re after please send us an email or phone us as soon as you have decided which lip smackingly delicious bit you want.

The animals are now in their summer pastures and loving the fresh grass, the sun on their backs and a new view. We have moved some to Church Meadow below the church in Seale much Im glad to say to the approval of the Wood Lane residents. I know they will be watching them lovingly for the next 6 month. Some have gone onto the Hogs Back and will graze a series of fields next to our hay meadows. We have put some in Owls Hatch field where they will be keeping an eye on members of our own family and finally a batch went off to Broomfields where they will soon be in the water meadows watching the river Wey go by. All fairly bucolic and Hardyesque until they start testing the fences and find the weak spot!

Generally we feel the farm is about three weeks behind due to the weather and we haven’t yet started training our hops in the hop gardens in Puttenham. Last year we started training the young shoots up the strings on the 2nd April. This year it will be the 7th May to start. Funnily enough they will magically catch up and I am sure that hop picking will start at the beginning of September as always.

Don’t forget to order pies, similarly, with a few more good days, barbequing could become a reality and you might just need some 100% beefburgers and Herbies. Bridget and I really look forward to seeing everyone on 24th May for cakes, coffee, biscuits, sausage tasting and a glass of lunchtime red.

Happy cooking

PS Our next beef day after 24th May will be FRIDAY 28th JUNE.

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