Hampton Newsletter March 2015

The snow drops are looking absolutely sensational at Hampton at the moment and Bridget and I really hope that they will stay this way until at least FRIDAY 20th MARCH when we have our next Hampton Naturally Reared Produce collection day.

I think that snowdrops are exceptional throughout the south of England at the moment and let’s hope that this is the nearest to real snow there is this year. The only things whiter than snowdrops are the resident Hampton swans who glide up and down the lakes and which I can luckily keep an eye on from my office. Exceptionally majestic in the late afternoon sunshine.

But down to work, and we have the most delicious prime Hampton beef available for 20th March, in our 10kg family bags, in bespoke form for individual cuts and orders, or in large scale amounts for those involved in serious family catering operations as everyone returns for the Easter holidays. Good availability at present but do book to be sure of your order. After last month we had just two small joints left!

Hampton Herbie sausages and Hampton Beef Bangers are ready to add to your order and they do go well with Hampton 100%beefburgers. A tad nippy at the moment to fire up the barbeque but again by Easter you never know what the weather will be doing and it’s always good to have a little something in stock. Our 100% beefburgers are exactly that, and extremely popular with all generations. Over the years we have had terrific feedback from all age groups including “My first ever beefburger and it was simply yummy” and that wasn’t from a 3 year old.

I’m afraid that we are out of pies and handfuls this month. My apologies from all the catering team but they should be back on the menu later in the year. Absence I’m sure will make the taste buds grow fonder.

I am also missing a buzzard. One of the young buzzards which we watched wheeling and gliding over the park last year took a wrong turn and navigated itself to Oxfordshire and has decided not to return. I know this because I had a lovely email from a 12 year old ornithologist in Oxfordshire asking if the bird had been born here because he had identified the green ring on its leg as a Hampton tag. We in turn have a local ornithologist here who enjoys studying buzzards and insanely (50 feet up in a buzzards nest with Mum and Dad circling close by) is happy to ring the young’s legs for identification purposes with green tags. We always have three or four pairs of buzzards on the estate and to know what some of them get up to is fascinating.

On the cattle front we hope to be deluged with fit healthy calves in the next few weeks. We now have 50 mums who are all expecting and should produce their off spring outside in the smaller fields close to our cattle coralle and shelter. We can then look after any problem cows in the shelter should the need arise. Deep straw, deep hay, bliss! In the meantime we will be checking the imminent calvers in the field at least three times a day and will open the sweep stake on who will calve first in 2015.The first due date is March 15th and I hope that the majority will have calved by the end of April.

Fresh coffee, tea, cakes and biscuits will be ready for everyone who visits on Friday March 20th and do put your order in as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Very happy cooking and best wishes

Bill and Bridget









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