Hampton Newsletter June 2016


Our next collection day for all delicious Naturally Reared produce from Hampton is Friday 24th June. I inspected the beef carcass at our butchers where it is hanging for four weeks and the meat looks terrific. It is beautifully marbled with a healthy covering of fat and a rich dark red colour which will provide everyone with the most mouth watering beef available.

The reason we insist on hanging is so that the muscles can stretch. This allows the enzymes to break down the muscle fibres which tenderises the beef. The water content also evaporates from the meat meaning we’re left with dry dark claret meat. The flavour of the bone is allowed to fully develop into the meat and this means you have a much deeper flavoured beef, without the high water content of cheaper meat. It all sounds a bit technical but the result is worth it every time.

And this delicious meat is available in whatever amount you wish to buy. Come and pick up a pack of mince and a roasting joint, or head our way for just two steaks. We can make up any order which you would like so long as we are not sold out of that particular joint or cut. And with your order comes not only a hessian Hampton bag and a bunch of fresh herbs from the walled garden but also fresh coffee, tea and cake. What a way to shop!

We are really delighted that Charlie from The Cold Pressed Oil Company will be joining us again this month selling their delicious local rapeseed oil, with a multitude of infusions .I know that many of our customers have like us,  become devotees of their oil so remember to come and collect with your cheque book.

A new idea which we found extremely popular last month is our 4kg beef bag. This holds 2 rump steaks, a roasting joint of 1.5kgs, 1kg of prime minced beef, and a kilo of braising and stewing beef. This covers all the bases and doesn’t have quite the bulk of our 10kg family bags, which are also available every month as usual.

And also in the ordering department there is the very handy Hampton Barbeque Bag, which has 4 steaks, 12 beef sausages and 8 of our 100% beef burgers. Just get that charcoal lit and the beers in.

To summarise, order as little or as much as you need. We also offer 10kg or 4kg mixed bags and during the summer a barbeque bag. Simple really!

Click here office@hamptonestate.co.uk and reserve your beef for FRIDAY 24th JUNE and we will have your bag ready and waiting.

It’s always great to see our customers and have a chat and last month we were delighted to be serenaded by the mums with prams. What the collective noun for prams is I’m not sure but the picture above shows how sensible Hampton beef customers are bringing up their children by feeding them only the best ingredients! After a biscuit and a cup of coffee they all headed round the garden and then picked up their beef for the month. Welcome to our latest recruits.

Our new bull Petworth Regent has just been put in with the cows and we hope will cope with his new field mates. They all have a good amount of very tasty grass in the park, and in fact grass throughout the estate is growing well. Our hay fields look promising for the end of June haymaking season and I hope that the Lucerne will be cut in the next 10 days which will make our first silage of the year. Each round bale will be wrapped in black plastic which will ensile, or pickle the Lucerne making it delicious feed for the cows in the winter.

Thanks to all who joined in the Woodland Woggle 10k run around the estate in early May and to those who joined in The Ride in the Park a week later. Both events went really well and significant funds for the United Parish Churches and the Scouts were raised as a result.

This month we host our annual schools day and we expect around 200 children for a day to experience different Hampton enterprises, from forestry and fencing to cow and calf rearing. At Myrtles Courtyard on Saturday 11th June we celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday with a Royal Barn Dance. There are tickets still available and the evening includes a Royal Hampton Beef Curry.

Please order your beef as soon as you can, and Bridget, Kate and I look forward to seeing everyone on FRIDAY 24th JUNE. Our next beef day will not be until Friday 19th August so another good reason to stock up.

Coffee, cakes, tea and all good things available from 10.30am on the 24th.

Best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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