Hampton Newsletter June 2015

Flaming June is upon us and it must be flaming barbeque season. Therefore you must be in need of wonderful beef supplies, tender beef burgers, prime steaks, an array of sausages and a joint to serve cold, sliced thinly and accompanied with mustard, fresh lettuce and mayonnaise for that summer picnic. Luckily we can help. Our next beef collection day is on FRIDAY 3rd JULY and we have supplies of all the above, plus more, all ready to be ordered and picked up.

Fresh coffee, tea, and even elderflower cordial (if we are lucky and make some over the weekend) will be ready for you from 10.30am, plus Bridget’s speciality cakes to try. Last month’s rhubarb cake went down a storm but the coffee cake was appreciated too, and combine it with a warm Hampton Beef Banger taster things couldn’t get much better on a Friday morning. So do email or phone with your order and we can do our family 10kg beef bags, any bespoke order that you may have, our 100% beef burgers, our Hampton Herbies and Hampton beef bangers and there is venison available at this stage too. We look forward to seeing you.

Hampton has been hectic on many fronts over the past few weeks. The Scouts area camp at Broomfields down towards the River Wey saw 1400 scouts, guides, brownies, cubs and leaders camping for two nights surrounded by activities and adventures. The Woodland Woggle took place the next weekend. Organised again by the Scouts the Woggle Fun Run saw 500 runners and walkers head over a 10k course around the estate raising much needed funds. The Ride in the Park which took place at the end of May was aimed at children learning to ride bikes, scooters, skateboards and even rollerblades and give them a car free driveway to practice on. The garden was open, the WI made fantastic teas and I’m delighted to report only one slightly grazed knee. At the other end of the exertion scale Great Strides, an endurance walk/march started and finished on the estate raising funds for Cystic Fibrosis and involved a 40 mile circuit around Surrey. Everyone returned home successfully and a fantastic amount of money was raised.

This week we have our annual schools countryside day when we host a number of schools on the farm and show them what we do over the year in each department. Forestry is always popular as each child goes away clutching a roundel of silver birch which has been cut for them, and I always hope to collect a number of oohs and aahs showing calves and their mums, though often the Hampton donkeys steal the show as they are stroked to death. We also show them gun dogs and obedience, vermin control and ferreting, hands on butchery and finally a game about pollination which involves very large catapults and home-made bees. All very exciting.

Making hay whilst the sun shines is a good farming motto and we are doing just that. We started mowing grass this morning, and all was well until a stone flew up and shattered the back window of our new tractor, glass everywhere but now fixed, and onwards and upwards. We will move the mown grass around in the field to dry it out tomorrow and hope to bale at the weekend, cab windows permitting! Meanwhile we took our first cut of Lucerne last week and made some fabulous bales which have gone into store and will be much enjoyed by the cows later in the year.

Talking of cows, General the bull has been reintroduced to his many wives and looks remarkably well and we have chosen four young heifers as replacements to join the herd. There is still one more cow to calve and we are urging her on to produce. They are all roaming the park eating a wonderful diet of natural grasses and our butcher Mike Humphries from Rowledge thought our last animals he butchered were the best ever. Things are looking up.

Do place your order, do come and see us on Friday 3rd July, especially in the knowledge that our next beef day will not be until FRIDAY 21st AUGUST.

Bridget and I really look forward to seeing everyone and happy cooking and barbequing in the meantime.

Very best wishes,

Bill and Bridget

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