Hampton Newsletter June 2013

Barbecue season

 Dust the BBQ off summer is here…….

Medium rare rib eye steaks sizzling on the stove, sirloin steaks with a touch of mustard, fat rump steaks chargrilled to perfection, Hampton herby sausages for a bit of variety and Hampton 100% beefburgers in a freshly baked roll with salad and mayo. What a way to start thinking about barbeques and all the above is available at our next beef collection day on FRIDAY 28th JUNE. Do put an order in and come over and see us.

The Hampton Barbeque Bag will have 4 steaks, 12 sausages,  8 beef burgers and a bunch of fresh herbs and is a good way to start off the al fresco season. Alternatively make up your own order, depending on how many friends you will be inviting, the size of their appetites, their ability to relish delicious beef and your reputation as an ace barbeque chef. Add into the mix some local Hogs Back Beer (made with only the finest Hampton hops) and you will be on the way to a terrific do.

We also have our 10kg Hampton family beef bags available with steak, joints, mince and stewing steak, our Hampton wild venison and wild rabbit, all jointed and oven ready, and even better news, our Hampton Special beef pies. Made with our own stewing steak, braising steak and shin to a traditional Hampton recipe involving fresh herbs and fine wine these mouth-watering pies come in two sizes, individual and family, and are a much sought commodity in west Surrey. Do add them to your order but to avoid disappointment send us your order now.

Everything is growing around the farm. Hops are at long last heading up their strings, grass is on a major spurt, cattle are losing their winter coats and look glossy and content, the garden looks full of promise with strawberries flowering well and on a still evening hot air balloons abound with three landing last week.

Fresh coffee, cakes, biscuits and Hampton Herby tasters will be waiting for you together with a lunchtime glass of red or white when you collect on the 28th. Bridget and I really look forward to seeing you then and now you just have to decide who to invite to that all important barbeque.

Our next beef day will not be until 16th August, do stock up for the summer.

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