Hampton Newsletter July 2013

Summer at last!!


Our next beef collection day will be on FRIDAY 16th AUGUST which may see you on a beach in the South of France or may be just the ideal time to restock your Hampton beef supplies.

Last month’s Hampton Barbeque Bags were a huge success and were snapped up by many customers. Each bag comprises 4 steaks, 8 herby sausages and 8 100% beefburgers with a bunch of fresh herbs to add to the mayonnaise or fling on the meat. These are ready and waiting to be ordered.

Our 10kg beef bags are available for collection so too are Hampton Herby sausages, our wild venison and rabbit and our oh so gorgeous special steak pies. Steak pies come in family or individual sizes and are packed full of Hampton stewing and braising steak, herbs, a drop of red and the best homemade pastry imagineable. They fly off our shelves so please do order as soon as possible.

We trialled our new Hampton beef banger last month and thanks to all for your feedback. They are now available for sale, in packs of 6 and I’ve totally forgotten the clever name that we all came up with for them. Can anyone remember? But they are very tasty and cook really well and met with great approval.

And finally given the weather how about some good old fashioned 100% beef burgers? We really enjoyed meeting so many friends and customers when we cooked our beefburgers at the Seale and Sands Show, we have supplied lots of parties and camping trips with them this summer and they are available in packs of four for your own party.

The grass is drying up extremely fast and we spent a day earlier in the month fly spraying every animal in every field to give them all as much protection as possible. Swishing tails and flapping ears can only do so much in this extremely hot weather and we like to give them a little help. Big oak trees and thick hedges give them all good shade and daily water trough checks are essential. They all seem in good fettle and their dark brown coats really shine in these conditions.

Do put your order in for August. Our next beef collection day after August will be Friday 27th September which seems like a whole summer away. We hope that all summer holidays are a huge success and look forward to seeing everyone for cakes, coffee and sausage tasters on Friday 16th August when we will have remembered the name of our new sausage.

Happy cooking

Best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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