Hampton Newsletter January 2015

Hampton Pies in the making and Hampton Handfuls

Friday 13th February does not sound auspicious but trust your luck and come and visit us for beef and our naturally reared produce. Beware of all ladders on your way (please do not go underneath them) and you will be rewarded with not only the most delicious beef, venison, sausages and pies but also a well-deserved cup of freshly brewed coffee, some cake and a sausage taster.

We are looking forward to seeing you for our first beef collection day of 2015. As you know this had to be changed as the cows decided to be fairly unhelpful at the beginning of January, but our subsequent cunning plan worked beautifully and we soon calmed the cows down, told them not to be so unhelpful and they all played ball. Two of the larger, older animals were dispatched successfully to the abattoir, on time and everything worked like clockwork.

We have had lots of orders for 10 kg family bags as customers restock after Christmas and the New Year, but we also have capacity for bespoke orders at the time of writing. A delicious sirloin joint or a special carvery rib would not be out of place with a fine bottle of red for that Saturday supper party, or a couple of kilos of braising steak would make a tasty family lasagne or casserole to ward off thoughts of snow and ice.

We will also have offal this month (frozen) so do order liver, heart, kidney, cheeks and oxtail if the mood takes you. Not everyone’s cup of tea but there are some great offal recipes for the adventurous. Tongue always works well!

We hope to have some more venison in stock, though do bear with us on this one. As always the hours of sunlight at present are so limited and the weather is pretty raw that it’s simply not easy to stalk our roe deer. However, we are after them and need to keep on top of their numbers, especially as we plan our tree planting programme in the woods. Young tree shoots make for a tasty supper for a roe deer and a couple of deer can soon decimate a plantation. In turn roe makes such fantastic meat and is so nutritious that a couple of our customers can decimate a haunch or fillet.Hampton Special Steak Pies are on the menu this month and as always come in family and individual sizes. Crispy pastry and lots of beef filling make them a ready stand by. Bridget will also be cooking Hampton Handfuls, the Surrey equivalent of a Cornish pasty. Having baked 80 of them in November as an experiment for our November beef day, they all sold within 60 minutes. They are based on Hampton prime minced beef, but using a special secret recipe they are transformed into a Handful. They cost £3 each and do place your order for either Handfuls or pies to avoid any disappointment.

Hampton Herbies and Hampton Beef Bangers are always available on our collection days and come six to a pack. Do add them to your order and eat them for breakfast with an egg, lunch with a dab of chutney or for tea in a sausage and leek pie. Just a thought. Marmalade is extremely topical at the moment with Seville oranges in the shops, Paddington in the cinema and the traditional marmalade making season upon us. Two batches were concocted last weekend at Hampton and the larder is looking very promising. Four more loads to go and we should have a year’s supply. In the meantime the Hampton bees are fast asleep and hopefully warm, but as soon as we have fresh supplies of honey we will have them on sale at a beef day. Watch this space.

Bridget and I look forward to seeing you on Friday 13th when we hope the meeting room will have been refurbished and the new log burner will be crackling away. New wall coverings, a proper meeting table and chairs and new flooring are all being found at the moment and we hope that you will approve. Fingers crossed the paint will be dry

Do put in your order as soon as possible and very best wishes for happy winter cooking.

Bill and Bridget

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