Hampton Newsletter January 2014

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A belated Happy New Year to all our friends and customers and hopefully the lights are now back on, the tree has been cleared from where it fell on the driveway and the last thank you letter has been written. Which means it’s a looking forward time of the year and as luck would have it we at the Hampton Estate can help, with a forthcoming beef collection day on FRIDAY 31st JANUARY.

Beef bags of the 10kg variety are available which not only include steak and joints but also stewing steak and mince. This is the time of year for casseroles, for shepherd’s pie, for stroganoffs and hearty beef stews, for warming beef based soups and hot beef pasties. These all require braising steak, stewing steak or minced steak and all these we can supply in friendly 0.5 kg vacuum packs helpfully labelled for when you fish them out of the freezer from under the smoked salmon.

All joints, steaks, and stewing, braising and mince are available separately as a bespoke order so that for example, 2kgs of minced beef, 1kg of stewing steak, a joint for 4 and 3 packets of sausages is a common order which we are only too happy to supply. Don’t forget also that a special event warrants a special roast, say a 4 rib roasting joint or a rolled sirloin. Lipsmackingly delicious and the very essence of English roast beef.

Our very popular Hampton Special Beef Pies will be available on the 31st, made with 100% pure beef, Hampton herbs, a good dosh of red and homemade Hampton pastry. They come in individual size or family size and always sell out fast. Do order to avoid disappointment.

Hampton Beef Bangers and Hampton Herby Sausages will be on the menu as usual and accompanied with a Hampton 100% Beefburger you could be on for the first barbeque of 2014. There should also be supplies of Hampton venison although as our roe deer are totally wild and extremely good at hiding away in cover at this time of year supplies could be thinnish. Do contact us to check.

We are so grateful to so many of you for advertising our Hampton products by using our bags over and over again. They have been spotted in most discerning Waitrose stores in the South East, in the occasional Aldi store, in Halfords, even in the city branch of Agent Provocateur, and the photos at the top show them in Singapore and New York. Do let us know where you spotted one or send us a photo of where yours was seen. So far I think the Shard remains bag free.

Bridget and I wish you a very happy 2014 of excellent cooking (using only the best ingredients, naturally) and we look forward to seeing you on 31st January or at some other time during the year. Fresh coffee, home-made cake and sausage tasters await you all.

Our next beef collection day will be on Friday 28th February.

Very best wishes


Bill and Bridget

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