Hampton Newsletter January 2013


Happy New Year to all our customers.

A date for your new diary. Our next beef collection day will be FRIDAY 8th FEBRUARY and orders are now being taken for Hampton prime beef in 10kg family bags or your own bespoke order. We will have pheasant available, the last of the season’s, lots of Hampton Herby sausages in packs of 6, and we have 2013 venison recently culled from the Hampton woodlands. Possibly the best news of the year to date is that Hampton Special Beef Pies, traditionally built of course, are back on the menu this month, so please do order as soon as possible because they vanish with alarming speed once the news is out.

The other excellent news of 2013 is our further link up with Wakeling’s butchers in Farncombe who will now be butchering the beasts for us. Our beef animals are slaughtered at Laverstoke Farms a state of the art abattoir near Basingstoke and hung for four weeks. This is one of the key ingredients to quality. We are delighted that we have teamed up with Wakeling’s who will be using their traditional skills to present the meat in the best way possible. We have known Mark and Jo at Wakelings for many years and it is they who have always created the Hampton Herby Sausage for us. Now we can all judge their butchery skills which if Hampton Herby’s are anything to go by will be of top quality.

 As always it was terrific to see so many on New Year’s Day enjoying a walk, a salt beef sandwich and a glass of champagne at Myrtles Courtyard and many thanks for all your very encouraging messages and comments, much appreciated.

 A light covering of snow today over the fields doesn’t seem to concern the cows and calves who are well insulated with thick brown curly coats. There are always trees to stand behind and under if needs be and they are exceptionally adept at always being out of the wind, finding that spot in the field which is quiet and with a bit of a dip. We are feeding good barley straw and excellent hay in all the fields, the products of a successful summer and luckily have good supplies of both. Infact we are selling straw as we have so much, and the last two loads went down to Cornwall where it is not so plentiful. Just watch out on the A303 when you see a huge truck with an even bigger trailer stacked high with bales bearing down on you.

 Elsewhere around the estate we have two wonderful state of the art offices to let at Shoelands Farm Offices, both of 1000 square feet with masses of parking, excellent facilities and secure fibre optic cabling.

 In the hop gardens we are replacing poles and tightening up the wire work, and in the woods we are concentrating on our chestnut coppice in the Britty Hill area which will give magnificent views once finished.

 Do put your order together an email us or phone as soon as possible, especially if pies are needed and Bridget and I look forward to seeing everyone whom is collecting Hampton produce on the 8th for the usual sustenance.

 Best wishes and happy cooking


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