Hampton Newsletter February 2013

Spring is on the way……….

Friday March 22nd is our next beef collection day and amazingly it is very close indeed to Easter. In fact, the following Friday is Good Friday and then the Easter weekend when Sunday roasts will be needed as never before. Fortunately this is where we can help.

We have our 10 kg family bags of prime Hampton beef available, lots of Hampton Herby sausages, Hampton venison for that extra special treat and our 100% prime beef burgers for those with the spring barbeque bent.

Alternatively send through your bespoke order (these are proving extremely popular) and we will make up your bag. How about a 2kg roasting joint, 2 packs of sausages, 2 kgs of mince and 2 packs of beef burgers, although this maybe overdoing the 2s.

Very sadly we won’t be having pies…simply because we sold all our stewing, braising and shin to all you wonderful chefs who are now creating your own tasty, traditionally built casseroles, stews and dare I say it, pies.

Please put your order in by email or phone for March 22nd and we will have lots of fresh coffee, Bridget’s yummy cake and biscuits, followed by a glass or two of red at about lunchtime not to mention a Hampton Herby sausage taster.

We are inundated with snowdrops around the house which must mean that spring is on the way. Another good sign is that the first new calf of the season was born last week, (40 more to go), and he is a very healthy male with a penchant for frolicking. We have moved the most near calving cows, often called forward cows, back to the smaller paddocks around Myrtle’s Courtyard so that we can keep a good eye on them in their later stages of pregnancy, and the general opinion is that we will have quite a flurry of births in a couple of weeks time.

Myrtles Courtyard is also playing host to local nutritionist Sarah Zorab who is holding a Healthy Eating Cookery Demonstration there on Thursday 21st March and do have a look at her website for details www.sarahzorab.co.uk well worth a squint.

We have a new two bedroom cottage to let at Binton Farm, two wonderful state of the art offices to let at Shoelands Farm and logs for sale delivered by our foresters. All details from the estate office which is just a phone or email away.

Our next beef collection day will be Friday April 26th and with apologies but to keep us abreast of the times our prices will increase a tad from this day. Our family 10kg bag will be £115 and all individual items will go up accordingly.

Bridget and I really look forward to seeing everyone who is collecting produce on Friday 22nd March and do put your order in as soon as inspiration hits (and you purchase at the current prices).

Best wishes and very happy cooking


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