Hampton Newsletter August 2015

Our next Beef Collection Day will be on FRIDAY 21st AUGUST and we have lots of prime Hampton beef for sale. Steaks to sizzle for the barbeque, or a roast to savour hot then finish with cold slices between two chunky bits of bread with a drop of mustard. Stewing steak to make a delicious casserole, skirt for that summer holiday steak and kidney pie, and mince to make the big family lasagnes and shepherd’s pie.

Hampton Herby Sausages and Hampton Beef Bangers will be available in packs of six and we will have Hampton 100% beef burgers which seem extremely popular with all age groups. Add in some mouth watering Hampton wild roe venison, perhaps a fillet or haunch and you have a good selection of the best beef and venison Surrey can produce, straight from the farm.

We also have Hampton 10kg family bags ready for you with a range of joints, cuts, steaks and mince, and Hampton BBQ Bags with sausages, steaks and beefburgers.

And even better news, if that’s possible; Hampton Special Beef Pies are back on the menu and available as individual pies or family pies serving four. Made with an abundance of Hampton beef, home grown onions and herbs and a dosh of good red they are a staple diet for many discerning households.

Do put your order in now to avoid disappointment and email or phone us here at the estate office. Don’t forget to check that recipe you have been meaning to have a go at this summer and if it involves beef or venison and a special cut or a bit of advice do ring and we will do everything possible to help. We have lots of delicious Hampton honey for your toast and local charcoal for your barbeque. Just add to your order.

Meanwhile Hampton Estate continues to dry up and our grass dwindles as the cows graze an ever increasing area. These conditions really justify our investment in pedigree Sussex stock as they thrive in sparse conditions and potter around the park in excellent condition. Milking cows would have rebelled by now demanding much higher quality feedstuffs. We cut and baled more Lucerne a couple of weeks ago which sit proudly in our winter larder with the first cut taken at the end of May. In four weeks’ time we should be cutting again and the bales will provide a high protein feed for the youngstock and fattening animals this winter. Our hay has been made and is also in store and fortunately we have enough barley straw from last year to keep us going for the coming months.

And now onto our new bull, Regent, who is doing an excellent job with the cows and after a week of active service looks exhausted! He hails again from the notable Petworth Sussex herd, one of the mainstays of Sussex cattle breeding and arrived here last week to take over from General. This is the main breeding period of the year and a working bull is imperative for success, so if for any reason you suspect that your bull is not working alarm bells sound. Our bull called General developed a sore foot just at the critical time and despite attention from the vet, from us, and from the cows, he simply wasn’t performing to the exacting standards demanded by all. Fortunately we were able to secure Regent, and General is on extended sick leave as his foot heals but he will soon be back to fighting form, leaving us with the dilemma of having two bulls.

In Puttenham our Fuggles hops are growing well and hop picking will start at about the same time as usual, ie the beginning of September. The hops are beginning to form on the bines but it will take the rest of this month for the aroma to develop. They still need lots of TLC to make sure they are in tip top form for harvesting.

Our plans for expanding the hop enterprise are progressing well with a planning application for a new picking and drying building lodged with the planners, new plants ordered and we are amassing new hop poles and anchor poles from the estate woodlands. It’s a big long term project.

On Friday 21st Bridget and I look forward to seeing all our customers, to pouring out freshly brewed coffee and tea and hearing of holiday plans and holiday memories. Freshly baked cake and biscuits will be on the table and sausage tasters will be cooking. Red and white will come out at about lunchtime. Do put your order in and make a note in the diary to come and see us.

Very best wishes to all


Bill and Bridget













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