Hampton Newsletter April 2015

Soring CalvesHampton calves in the park….

The wonderful Easter weekend being over (and how about that late emergence of a bright golden sun on Easter Monday) our collective thoughts turn away from roast lamb and veer massively towards fresh well hung prime English beef. I inspected our beef hanging magnificently in the cold store at the butcher’s yesterday and have to say it looked really good. It is hung in ‘primals’ ie large quarters and the marbling is prominent as is the fat covering, which will make for the most delicious meat in three weeks’ time when it will be ready for you, butchered and packed.

Yes, it’s our next beef collection day on FRIDAY 1st MAY and Bridget and I look forward to showing off our new meeting room again and distributing fresh Hampton beef to everyone along with sausage tasters, freshly brewed coffee, cake ,biscuits and a drop of red at about lunch time. As always we will be open from 10.30am onwards and do send us your order, or ring it through to avoid any disappointment.

Hampton 10kg family bags are available at this stage with a comprehensive beef selection to suit every occasion. Alternatively any bespoke order can be accommodated from rolled sirloin joints to a kilo of mince. We have rib joints for sale which are always massively popular, short ribs, top side, top rump, silver side for that aromatic pot roast, and at this early point in the month just about any piece of beef you may wish for. The only exception is I am afraid our mouth-watering fillet which is booked out until August. Sorry.

We will also have good supplies of Hampton Herby sausages, Hampton Beef Bangers and Hampton 100% beefburgers because by May we will all be itching to get the barbeque out. Also good on the barbeque are beef kebabs which simply requires a bit of braising steak, an easy marinade and some dry charcoal and a match.

We have some delicious looking oxtail for sale together with liver, kidney, beef cheeks and other offal. This as usual will be frozen but there are some very inventive recipes out there for such delicacies.

Bridget and I had a quick flick through some of Jamie Oliver’s recipes the other day and what really caught our eye was Bloody Mary Beef with Creamy Horseradish which sounds excellent and looks pretty manageable. He also has some good thoughts on Barbeque short ribs, a great sounding Insanity Burger, and finally a very tasty looking Malaysian Beef Curry. A quick Google will provide all the details and could expand your culinary brilliance even further!

We are really delighted that we are now supplying The Donkey at Tilford with our prime minced beef which they are using for their summer menu which includes a Hampton inspired beef burger. Well worth a visit, The Donkey is a firm favourite with all of us at Hampton as it’s so local, extremely friendly and is known for its great food and of course Hogs Back Beer. It was also the local diner of choice for Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe whilst they shot the film of Robin Hood some years ago here on the estate.

And talking of the estate we now have 32 new born calves skipping around the fields near Myrtles Courtyard under the watchful eyes of their mothers.16 cows are still to calve and we continue to keep a beady eye on them all, checking morning, noon and night. The plaudits should go to the bull who was remarkably busy as soon as we put him with the cows on 1st June last year and made friends extremely quickly.

Come and see the herd, the garden, ride a bike and have some tea, as our annual Ride in the Park will be taking place on Sunday 31st May from 2pm. Do put the date in your diary as it’s an afternoon really geared to all those who are too young or too wobbly to venture onto our Surrey roads with safety, but can roar round the Hampton drives in complete safety from cars. An afternoon for all the family and more details on our website.

And finally we are delighted to welcome Andrea Pinnington of Fine Feather Press on May 1st who will have a selection of her publications for sale. We all oohed and aahed over ‘The Little Book of Garden Bird Songs’ last month as we listened to really good recordings of Blue Tits and Goldfinches. This month Andrea is bringing a wider selection which should be very popular for presents from parents, grandparents and even great grandparents. Have a look at her website www.finefeatherpress.com

Kate, Bridget and I are ready for your orders and look forward to seeing everyone on 1st May for some summery thoughts and inspired culinary conversations, or Friday 5th June the following collection day.

Very best wishes

Bill and Bridget


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