Hampton Newsletter April 2013

Hampton Spring

 Despite the cold our cows have been calving successfully…

Friday 26th April is our next beef collection day and as usual the meat is already hanging in our butcher’s cold store to ensure it has four weeks maturation. So please order now for the end of April when our prime Hampton beef will be available in 10kg family bags, or if that is too much, devise your own bespoke order picking out exactly what you want. Interestingly this varies from customer to customer with some offal only orders to other sirloin joints and double carvery rib orders.

Hampton herby sausages will be ready for you, Hampton wild venison and rabbits will be available and best of all Hampton Special Steak Pies are definitely on the menu once again. These come in two sizes, small and large and seem to be remarkably popular. They are stuffed full of Hampton beef mixed with herbs from the garden and a good dosh of a reasonable red wine.

Bridget’s biscuits and cake with fresh coffee are a winner on collection day and the appearance of a plate of Hampton herby sausages to taste always seems to please. If only we could make tiny sample pies as well but that could be pushing things a tad too far!

Don’t forget The Ride in the Park which we are hosting at Hampton again on Sunday 5th May. The Hampton drives are safe havens for bikes, trikes, rollerblades, skate boards and all are very welcome from 2 until 5 that afternoon for some safe adventure. The garden is open too and everyone is very welcome to look round before returning to Myrtle’s Courtyard for tea and cakes.

Do check out the details on our website http://www.hamptonestate.co.uk

Despite the cold our cows have been calving successfully and we are just so grateful that we are not farming on the Isle of Arran or in other northern areas where the deep snow has had a devastating effect on livestock. As a result of the weather we have been bringing all new born calves inside for the first two days to ensure they are able to suck their mother’s colostrum full milk which is so vital for their well-being. Quite a change from the first of last year’s generation who were born in a heat wave.

Our beef collection day in May will be on Friday 24th but for fresh supplies of 100% prime Hampton beef put your order in now and Bridget and I really look forward to seeing you on 26th April.

Happy cooking




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