Hampton Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter July 2019

It was such a pleasure for the home team to meet so many new Hampton customers at our recent June Beef Day and thank you to everyone for your kind comments on beef, Hampton elderflower cordial, delicious cake, fresh coffee and the lavender in the courtyard which continues to flourish.

Please come again, and this time it’s going to be FRIDAY 26th JULY.  Our beef is slowly maturing in our butcher’s cold room whilst we take in your orders.  Research has shown that pasture fed beef has significantly higher vitamin and mineral levels than meat from grain fed systems. It is particularly rich in vitamins A and E and rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Most importantly it tastes outstandingly good.

With the weather looking fantastic we will be majoring on steaks to sizzle, (a single rib joint is a must), Hampton 100% beef burgers, Hampton Barbeque bags (incorporating steaks, beef burgers and bangers) but there is also lots of mince,  braising and diced beef for those wonderful summer recipes and every joint and cut is available.  Any order whether large or small is absolutely fine. Hampton Herby pork sausages are extremely popular both hot and cold, as are our very special Beef Bangers which received rave reviews from our Australian cattle farming friends staying last week. Special beef pies are on the menu and please order either a family or an individual and they will be packed with flavour.

As an alternative why not try some Hampton Wild Venison. It’s mouth wateringly good and works brilliantly on any barbeque because its so simple to cook. Do give it a go. Cook it hot with a good sprinkle of pepper and salt and let it rest before serving.

In the media Hampton cattle were featured along with Bill on Channel Four News on Wednesday evening, Planet Pod recorded their latest slow food podcast at Hampton in discussion with Bridget and Bill and BBC Radio Surrey featured Hampton beef discussions on Sunday evening on Nicky Patrick’s Sunday Supper Show. It’s all go.

Hay making has been a delight in this fantastic weather and lots of hay bales are now ready to be moved into the barns for winter feed. Pasture at its best.

For the past two years we have not increased our prices but this month we are proposing a modest price rise across the board. Wages, diesel, tractor parts, even wellies all seem to be going up!

We all look forward to seeing everyone on FRIDAY 26th JULY. Coffee, cake and elderflower will be ready for you from 10.30am. The garden is open for a visit and do put your order in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. There are only so many sirloin steaks in an animal! Email helenjackson@hamptonestate.co.uk now to place your order.

Very best wishes to all

Bill and Bridget

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