Hampton Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter August 2018

It’s still sunny, still hot, still a wonderful summer, which I think will usurp the great summer of ’76, and it’s good to know that all our beef and venison is proving very barbeque friendly. We have had great reports back of sizzling steaks, bountiful bangers, delicious diced steak kebabs, rattlingly good ribs and victorious venison. Our congratulations to those brilliant chefs who have striven for perfection and we are delighted to supply the raw ingredients.

And now there are more fresh supplies of prime Hampton beef, wild Hampton venison, Hampton herby sausages or beef bangers and Hampton 100% beef burgers which will be ready for you on FRIDAY 24th AUGUST. Opening time as always will be 10.30am and the coffee will be fresh, the elderflower cool and the cakes baked. Im not sure what this month’s cake will be but there are all sorts of fruit in the garden ripening nicely, and an inspirational recipe will follow.

Last month’s uptake of venison steaks was impressive and I am grateful to everyone for ordering so efficiently. I suspect that prime steaks and barbeque bags (which contain steaks, sausages and beef burgers) will do the same this month because 24th August is the start of the Bank Holiday weekend which traditionally sees the barbeque lit and the family gathered.

Just order whatever you need which could perhaps be a single rib joint or a kilo of Hampton mince, possibly a wonderful topside joint  to feed 25 (Bridget and I cooked one last week for a supper party for 24 and it went down well), or a restock of sausages and steaks. We will also have Hampton special beef pies in large (feeds four) or small (feeds one) ready for you to order and Hampton Homemade bolognaise and casserole mix.

Do send over your order as soon as you can as we really hate to disappoint anyone who comes on spec and finds nothing left.

Also on 24th August we will be welcoming a new local venture Nibbs Elderflower Gin and there will be tastings. What more could you want? Nibbs use freshly picked elderflower (from the Hampton Estate) lemon and lime to create a speciality cocktail gin with a refreshingly natural taste. www.nibbsspirits.co.uk.  We look forward to seeing Nikki and Richard who are the Nibbs Team and I’m sure will be keen for you to try.

On the farm the hops are racing to maturity and it is likely that we will be harvesting them by the time of the beef day. Our student hop pickers have been primed for an early start and a SOS has gone out to Greek beaches and Scottish mountains to get them back to Surrey ASAP. Last year the buildings and equipment were all ready in the nick of time for the hop harvest. This year we are hopefully more ready and have scheduled a Grand Opening of the Hampton Hop Oast and Picking Shed, the first such building to be built in Surrey for generations. This takes place on Friday 7th September at 6.30pm and everyone is invited. There is a link to our invitation here and RSVP to Helen (helenjackson@hamptonestate.co.uk) as we would love to see you, show you the facility and together enjoy local beers and Hampton 100% beef burgers.

The oats growing on the Hogs Back are about to be harvested and we will bale and store the straw for winter feeding which we hope will all happen this week whilst still gloriously dry.

The cows continue to enjoy the hot weather. Grass growth is at an all-time low but luckily we have good stocks of hay and lucerne for all our animals to feed on, before mooching around the fields finding a bit of greenery under a hedge or tree. Their coats look fantastic.

Two weeks ago an eagle eyed member of the Hampton team spotted a Lilac Breasted Roller Bird perched on a fence post off the North Downs Way. This sub-Saharan visitor is a rare sight for England but very photogenic as the picture at the top of the newsletter testifies. Helpful for me as it had completely disappeared by the time I got anywhere near.

Come and see us on Friday 24th August, do put your order in as soon as you can. There will be coffee and cake from 10.30am and we all really look forward to seeing you.

Best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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