Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter September 2016



September on the farm at Hampton is synonymous with hops and everyone is concentrating on the hop harvest at Puttenham. The aroma of our Fuggles hops is filling the air as they dry in the kilns and all fingers are crossed that our venerable hop picking machine lasts for just one more season.

The only exception to these hoppy thoughts is our forthcoming September Beef Collection Day which will be on Friday 23rd September and the magnificent beef sides are hanging in the butcher’s cold room at Rowledge as I write. Bridget and I look forward to seeing everyone for fresh coffee, cake, biscuits and prior to that your order for Hampton Beef.

How about a 10 kg bag of prime beef with all the joints, steaks, mince and stewing, or a 4kg of the same but just reduced a bit in weight and more manageable for some? Given this amazing weather a Hampton Barbeque Bag could be just the job and will give you steaks, sausages and those absolutely delicious Hampton 100% Beef burgers. Just the ticket for the Indian summer. Will it last?

We are always happy to supply any amount of any cut or joint that anyone is hankering for. Some orders are to the tune of for instance; one roasting joint, two rump steaks, a packet of Hampton Herby Sausages and a kilo of prime minced beef. Make up whatever you need and we will put it together for you, add our bunch of herbs fresh from the Hampton walled garden and have it ready for you in a Hampton bespoke bag when you come over. Shopping couldn’t be simpler.

Hampton wild venison supplies are looking quite good at the moment and for the most delicious, incredibly flavoured natural meat a haunch of venison is ideal. Easy to cook, easy to eat, and everyone is wowed by your culinary skills. Just remember to rest it for at least a quarter of an hour before carving.

Talking of calving the last calf of the season was born yesterday, and a very bonny heifer (female) calf is up on her feet and feeding well. This brings the total calves born this year to 40 and Im pleased to report successful calvings all round. Just one call to the vet a couple of months ago to help us with a breach birth which most of the family assisted with and a strong male calf emerged.

Back to the hops. This year is the last harvest using our buildings at Dukes Farm Puttenham. The hop gardens remain and we have extended them to give us a new 10 acres of Fuggles Hops, but the buildings will be demolished to make way for five beautifully designed houses. In the meantime, our new hop picking and drying building is being erected on a new site towards Seale where we will have a Bruff hop picking machine (the Rolls Royce model, although still relatively vintage) and an increased drying area with four bespoke kilns instead of our current two.

This is a really exciting development for Hampton Hops and a big investment for the farm in a traditional Surrey crop which we have high hopes for.

Come and say goodbye to the Puttenham Oast and join us for the Hampton Hop Up Pop Up on TUESDAY 20th SEPTEMBER from 6.00pm at Dukes Farm, Dark Lane, Puttenham GU3 1AY. It will be a bit of a party with local beers and Hampton 100% beefburgers on sale and a chance to hear more about our hops. Everyone is invited and Bridget and I look forward to welcoming you to this special evening. It would be really helpful if you could let us know if you are coming so that we can judge beefburger numbers! Special priority is given to all ex hop pickers from any year so do spread the word.

Why not reply when you order your beef, venison, sausages, and your own beefburgers and we will have the pleasure of your company twice in a week?

Beef Collection Day is on Friday 23rd September.

Our final two dates of 2016 are Friday’s 28th October and 2nd December.

Very best wishes from a hoppy Hampton.

Bill and Bridget

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