Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter October 2016


On FRIDAY 28th OCTOBER our doors will be open, our coffee brewed, cakes made and beef ready for picking up here at Hampton. Come over from 10.30am and tell us your autumnal news, try a Hampton Herby sausage taster and debate venison recipes. It’s all too tantalising, but please, please order in advance if you possibly can as we would much rather you left with what you really wanted rather than what was left.

Our beef sides are in our butcher’s cold room gently maturating and after four weeks of hanging the taste will be pure Hampton beef. Delicious. We have 10kg family bags ready to order or 4kg helpful bags, both of which have a variety of cuts, steaks and joints. Alternatively make up your own order and tell us what you need, for instance a kilo of steak, a roasting joint to feed six, two kilos of mince and a bone for the dog (always free).Then add in some sausages, either Hampton Herbies or our own Beef Bangers, and how about a pack of beef burgers made with 100% prime Hampton beef?

Venison supplies are looking good. We are seeing our wild roe deer throughout the estate and we have haunches, steaks, diced and minced venison ready to be ordered. It is wonderful, tasty meat that hardly requires cooking and there are a myriad of great venison recipes out there just waiting to be tried.

Hampton Herbies and Hampton Beef Bangers come in packs of six and are always popular and we always have the most delicious offal for those offal aficionados including live, heart and tongue. Go on, try some!

Our hop harvest took a little longer than usual and we bade farewell to our student hop pickers who all returned to academic rather than manual labours after an excellent tour of the Hogs Back Brewery. Hop yield was good and quality seemed pretty high, both in our own hops and the Hogs Back Brewery hops which we picked after ours as they have different later maturing varieties. Everyone enjoyed a bit of the limelight with our appearance on Countryfile and as always it’s amazing how many people get their fix of the British countryside on a Sunday evening. Here’s a link to the Hampton highlight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_giUtc1g38 and for us it’s a wonderful momento of Hampton hop picking 2016.

This summer we have been concentrating again on the Hampton woodlands which comprise the most lovely mixtures of trees from mature softwood plantations to centuries old oak and beech. Much of the woodland is accessible by foot for everyone to enjoy and the carparks we have added over the years make Lower Puttenham Common, Britty Wood and Binton Wood good walking spots. We are clear felling larch in Coach Bottom at the moment and also line thinning the Corsican Pine plantations which we planted straight after the 1987 gales to give them air and light and combat needle blight. The timber is taken to the mills in Norfolk where it is turned into fencing materials such as larch lap panels and fence stakes. Woodland management is a long term process and we will be back again to second thin these plantations in about 20 years’ time!

Don’t forget that another part of our woodland enterprise revolves around supplying dry, well-seasoned high quality logs for your fire or woodburner. We deliver a pick up load (approximately 400 logs) to your door and the price at the moment is still £110. Why not order with your beef?

Good news, you will be able to enjoy Hampton 100% Beef burgers at the Famous Puttenham Bonfire on 5th November in the village, or a Hampton Herby sausage in a bun. And talking of upcoming events Halloween will also feature on the farm this year as the pumpkin field at Binton Farm is in full production and is a real landmark from the North Downs Way. I think that they are all destined for the carving market!

Advance notice for our final beef day of the year will be on Friday 2nd December.

Please put your order in for 28th October to avoid disappointment, and Kate and Bridget will always give help and advice with recipes or queries if needed. Just ring the Hampton Meat Helpline 01483 810465 or email: sales@hamptonestate.co.uk

Best wishes


Bill and Bridget

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