Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter November 2016


November is blowing in hard, pumpkins and fireworks are well out of the way and all our thoughts turn to heartwarming beef stews, delicious beef casseroles, deeply satisfying beef pot roasts and wonderfully aromatic beef roasting joints.

And I’m delighted to report that pedigree Hampton Naturally Reared 28 day hung, local beef is in good supply for our next beef day on FRIDAY 2nd DECEMBER.

Minced beef, stewing steak, diced steak, skirt and shin all make fantastic stews, casseroles, lasagnes and pies, whilst brisket and short ribs cooked long and slow are jam packed full of flavour and melt in the mouth. Joints of Silverside, Top Rump and Topside can be pot roasted with a stack of root vegetables and a drop of red, or roasted traditionally in a hot oven, and steaks should be generously cut, either sirloin or rump and a hot oven or roaring winter barbeque will do them justice. What a choice!

Our 10 kg family beef bags and our 4kg smaller version are both available for ordering or simply make your order up of whatever you need and in any quantity  and send it over. Don’t forget to add some Hampton Herby sausages and a packet of Hampton Beef Bangers and you will be well stocked especially as all Hampton beef is packed fresh, labelled clearly and ready for your freezer if you have to wait. Just a thought as our next beef day will be at the end of January 2017, a full 7 weeks away.

‘No pies, no pies’ is the call from the kitchen and Im afraid that we have no meat at all to turn into our Hampton Special Beef Pies. Instead the good people of Puttenham enjoyed our 100% Beefburgers  at the Puttenham Bonfire and Fireworks at the weekend, where we supplied 550 beef burgers and 750 Hampton Herby sausages, and our cupboards are bare for pie production. But what a fantastic firework event and a mega bonfire, voted the best ever by all on the farm.

Friday 2nd December will be a very popular day as we welcome old friends back to Hampton. Paul Young of Imbibros will be showing his 2016 winter collection of fine wines and there will be a good variety to taste and buy. Paul also delivers all around our area on a weekly basis which makes ordering extremely easy and his knowledge of wine is always very impressive. He is sure to have some winners for us to taste.

Charlie Gardner of The Cold Pressed Oil Co at Crondall will be back with his delicious oils and also his 2016 hampers. I particularly like the sound of his White Truffle Hamper which contains oils and sauces and all his goods will be on sale on the 2nd. And thinking of that early present, Andrea Pinnington of The Fine Feather Press will be wowing us with her latest bird and bird song books and there will be lots of opportunity to look at all the other wonderful publications, wall charts, and posters which make us sound so knowledgeable when it comes to our local feathered friends and the natural environment.

Thinking of presents the annual Myrtles Courtyard Christmas Fair is being held the week before our beef day on Friday 25th November. There will be a wide array of stalls, both inside and out, coffee and mince pies on arrival, Bridget will be manning the catering stand and Hampton beef will be on the menu for lunch. It all starts at 10.00am and a local girls choir will be performing at 11.00am. Raffle to be drawn at 1pm and finishing time is 2pm. Entrance is just £4 and all proceeds to The United Parish funds.

Out in the fields cows and calves are about to be weaned, which makes for a noisy time as the calves suddenly realise that there is no milk on tap, and cows suddenly realise that they are free to wander without being a regular milk bar. We are also about to pregnancy diagnose all the cows to ensure that our fine bull Regent has performed over the summer and is about to be the proud father of 40! The cows are now in their winter fields and will be enjoying a diet of straw and lucerne plus the chance to savour the last shoots of grass before it stops growing over the winter.

From winter to summer and thinking back to June we were on the hunt for a new Assistant Estate Manager and having advertised the post were inundated with interest. Bridget and I are delighted to report that we have appointed Will Godwin to the team here at Hampton and he will be very much in evidence on 2nd December, serving coffee and cake, putting bags into customer’s cars and I know he is looking forward to meeting all those who are with us that day. Come and say hello.

Please come and see us on 2nd December, and if possible put your order in now to avoid disappointment. We hate it when customers can’t have exactly what they would like. Do remember that our next beef day is at the end of January (after the diet) and that you might need supplies to last you until then, and if you can come to The Christmas Fair at Myrtles Courtyard on 25th November you will be very welcome.

Very best wishes from us all.

Bill and Bridget

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