Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter May 2020

You, our customers are the tops. You have adapted to our Drive Thru like ducks to water, waving magnificently designed and drawn order numbers from your car windows, arriving like clockwork throughout the allotted hours, smiling and opening you boot or popping out and putting your bag in to your car and maintaining social distancing at all times. It’s a dream system and we are all so pleased that it is working so well. One customer called it ‘the poshest Drive Thru in the country’. Thank you for ensuring that Hampton produce is being enjoyed throughout Surrey and beyond.
We miss the coffee, cake and chat, but as things stand at the moment, I hope that it’s not a bad second best.
And it all happens again on FRIDAY 29th MAY in less than two weeks’ time, and NOW is the moment to send your order over to Helen because already we are fast running out of stock. I’m afraid that pies are all accounted for so please don’t order pies or pasties and I’m doubly afraid to report that beef is all sold out too. Everything beefy has been ordered, but we do have lots of Hampton Herby Sausages and Hampton Beef Bangers. Why not put a beef and pie order in for our next beef day, Friday 26th June?

We are however blessed with really good supplies of Hampton wild venison. All our deer at Hampton are wild Roe deer (with the odd exception of an occasional Muntjac) and now is the time to try venison. Its wonderfully flavoursome, virtually fat free, totally natural meat which is dead easy to cook both on the barbeque and in the oven. Will has been butchering over the past couple of weeks and his haunch carvery joints are a work of art. They are not nearly so big as a whole haunch, weighing approximately 1.4kgs and can be opened up for a barbeque (just untie the knots) or roasted in the oven. Either way a winner, with additional rosemary and thyme popped in at the end. We also have good supplies of diced venison, brilliant for a lockdown stew or Moroccan style venison tagine, a venison pie or any recipe where stewing steak would be used. The secret to cooking a venison joint or steaks is to cook in a HOT oven or on a HOT barbeque, and leave to rest for at least 15 minutes or more if possible. Venison continues to cook once away from the heat much longer than beef so a good rest period is essential.

At this time of year we usually welcome schools to Hampton for a day of cows and calves, trees, butchery and gardening. This year we have put together a couple of virtual tours together with a work sheet so that the school classes have an idea of the farm and what has been happening with the herd. It’s also at this time of the year that many of our customers enjoy a wander in the Hampton garden when they come to pick up their beef and although this may be a different take on your usual garden visit do watch the video for an update.
Both tours are available here; Hampton Cows and Hampton Garden.

Brilliant caterer Robyn is delighted to supply you again this month with cakes, brownies and soda bread as detailed below and please add your requirements to your meat order.

8” cakes (8 servings)
Victoria sandwich £9
Lemon drizzle £9
Chocolate £11
Coffee £9
Seeded soda bread £4.50
Chocolate brownies with white chocolate chunks (gluten free) £1 each, in batches of 4, 8 or 12

Helen is doubly alert and ready for your order of venison, sausages, cakes and bread and we all look forward to seeing you on the Hampton drive on FRIDAY 29th MAY for our third Hampton Drive Thru. Please email helenjackson@hamptonestate.co.uk.

Our next beef day will be on Friday 26th June. Will it be a Drive Thru??

Best wishes from all the Hampton Team

Bill and Bridget

P.S. If you have already ordered for this month please rest assured that we have your order in our system and will be confirming prices etc in the usual way prior to Friday 29th May.

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