Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter May 2019

FRIDAY 31st MAY is our next Hampton Beef Day and by then we will be in full summer mode, fingers crossed.  It will be barbeque evenings, light salads, delicious venison, flame grilled fillet, tasty sirloin and rump steaks and a smattering of truffle oil with a fragrant vinegar for dressing.

Come and visit us to see the lavender bank growing and the garden blooming, and of course to pick up your beef order.  Our Beef Bags (family at 10kgs and convenient at 4kgs) hold everything you need. Steaks, joints, braising, stewing and minced beef plus a sprig of herbs fresh from the walled garden.  Alternatively make up your own order of say half a dozen 100% beefburgers, two packs of special Hampton Beef Bangers or Hampton Herby Sausages, a silverside joint and some rump steaksShin and braising steak are always so popular and there are lots of good summer recipes using these delicious cuts.

Our venison larder is extremely well stocked at the moment with fillets, haunches, diced and minced venison all ready for your order.

And great news, the chefs will be producing the best Hampton Special Beef Pies in both family and individual sizes for 31st May.  Hampton pies fly off the shelf and are extremely popular so do put your order in as soon as possible. Infact this applies to all produce.  Please order to avoid any disappointment because we have a finite amount of best quality, pasture fed delicious beef available each month and when it’s gone…. It’s gone.

Our hops are growing in the hop gardens at Puttenham, the young shoots have been individually trained up the strings and we hope to watch them growing away.  With warmth and a little rain, you can almost see a hop plant grow.

The cows are now in their summer pastures and enjoying fresh herb rich grass all over the farm. Eight heifers (young females) are in the field below the church at Seale, aptly called Church Meadow, and we will leave them there for as much of the summer as we can.  We know how popular they are and I think they are the most watched cows in Surrey, which is great.  The older cows and their young calves are enjoying the parkland grass and are about to be joined by our new bull.  He has recently arrived from the Isle of Sheppey, is a pure pedigree Sussex bull weighing in at about three quarters of a tonne and is two and a half years old.  His breeding is from the Stargazer family of bulls thus he was christened Sir Patrick, for obvious reasons. We hope that he will be a true gentleman, like his namesake.

Elsewhere on the calendar;

The Woodland Woggle a 10k fun run starts from Myrtle’s Courtyard on Sunday morning, 12th May.  It is stewarded by Tongham Scouts and is their major fund raiser for the year. The route goes through the bluebell woods around the Estate and is always extremely popular.  There are still spaces available.

On 16th May we host a school visit to the Estate from a junior school located at the end of the Heathrow runways.  We will be taking them on a woodland walk with forestry demo, then to see cows and calves and finally to look at and dig soil pits to check out the worms.  We will also be making a big playground out of bales for an energy release zone.

On a similar theme and with advance warning we will be taking part in LEAF’s Open Farm Sunday on Sunday 9th June.  This is a national open day for farms across the country which we want to support.  We will be based at Myrtle’s Courtyard from 10.30am and there will be tractor and trailer rides, forestry and machinery demonstrations, cows and calves to see, a Hampton special sausage barbeque, local ice creams, and a bale playground.  The event will be ticketed and please check our website for all details as everyone is extremely welcome.

Finally, there is a Surrey Agricultural Service taking place at The Cathedral in Guildford on Rogation Sunday, 26th May at 11.30am.  Everyone is welcome and it precedes the Surrey County Show in Guildford the next day, Bank Holiday Monday where we are sponsoring a bull class!

Please check your recipes, put in your beef order and we all look forward to seeing you on the last day in May, Friday 31st for fresh coffee and cake, a good catch up and a sausage taster or two.

Very best wishes

Bill and Bridget


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