Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter May 2018

Our May Beef Day on FRIDAY and SATURDAY 25th and 26th MAY will be a beef day with a difference and we really look forward to seeing you.

Firstly it will be held on two days so that as many as possible can join us, with the usual hours of 10.30am to 4.00pm on Friday and 9.00am to 12.30 pm on Saturday. Secondly it will be a frozen produce day comprising every normal cut and joint, stewing and braising and prime minced beef, all ready for transferring to your own freezer. The reason? The rather desultory spring has not seen the cows adding that last touch of condition and fat that we would like and in order to ensure maximum quality for you we are allowing the cows to continue growing through the month (normally the carcass is already hanging by now). We do however have good stocks of beef in our freezer.

Come for coffee and cake on Friday morning as usual, or for a change why not visit us on Saturday morning and who knows it could be bacon sandwich time.

We will also have lots of fresh Hampton Herby sausages to go with Hampton 100% beef burgers which will be perfect for your first barbeque of the season if you are lagging behind in the barbeque stakes.

Hampton wild venison supplies are building again after our last collection day and more and more customers are commenting on the fantastic taste of venison and its ease of cooking. Our wild roe deer are so much smaller than fallow or red deer and pack a punch on the taste front which is absolutely exquisite. They are not farmed in any way and live on rich pickings within the estate, browsing on leaves, brambles, green shoots and hopefully not too many roses. Venison is well worth a try if you haven’t tasted it yet and very simple to cook. Have a go!

The team here at Hampton were delighted with the success of our Hampton Homemade range. Pies, bolognaise and casserole all flew out of the door and the first feedback has been very positive indeed. Thanks to all who have been in touch and I am pleased to report that pies, bolognaise and casserole will be on the menu again on 25th and 26th May all retailing at the same price of £10.00 per go (small pies are £4.00 as usual). Pots of either bolognaise or casserole will give three hearty portions and we always reckon that a pie serves four. Do order as soon as possible to ensure that our chefs are prepared.

The Family Ride in the Park is taking place again here at Hampton on Sunday 20th May from 2pm to 5pm. All drives will be closed, apart from the Cuttmill entrance, and cycling and scooting, roller-skating, in line skating, and any other type of fun self-propelled means of personal transport can be practised in safety. The garden will be open, ice cream and teas are ready and waiting for you at Myrtle’s Courtyard and well behaved dogs on leads are welcome. Bring all the family and all money raised is for the United Parish. It will also be a chance to meet our new Rector, Stephen Thatcher who will be around all afternoon and is looking forward to saying hello.

Around the farm the hops are really growing fast in this wonderful sunshine and we have a dedicated team of Polish workers who are training the hop shoots up the strings by hand. With 15 working hard we should be through by the end of the week and are then into the major nurturing season, when it’s possible for a hop plant to grow a foot in a week!

Timber extraction has finished in Landthorne, close to the North Downs Way and the paths and tracks are being repaired by a large caterpillar tractor which is making short work of the mud and ruts. We will then be putting up new signage and fencing to delineate the proper route of the North Downs Way as it wends through Hampton woodland and fields. We are hoping for new trees to naturally regenerate on the site, and will give them time to achieve this, before replanting ourselves.

To recap, two days for beef and natural produce collection on FRIDAY 25th May and SATURDAY (morning) and please send over your order as soon as possible by return of email or phone. All beef and venison will be freshly frozen, all sausages will be fresh as will the Hampton Homemade delicacies of pies, bolognaise and casserole.  All will be utterly delicious and Bridget, Helen, Will and I really look forward to seeing you for fresh coffee, cakes, biscuits and chat.

With very best wishes

Bill and Bridget


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