Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter June 2019

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to our next beef day, here at Hampton, on FRIDAY 28th JUNE. A special welcome for everyone who visits for the first time, especially all those whom we met at Open Farm Sunday when the sun shone (for most of the time) and we welcomed nearly 1000 visitors to Myrtle’s Courtyard to look at farming, forestry and the environment. It was a great day for us all as we met so many charming and interested visitors, and the feedback was fantastically supportive and positive. Next year Open Farm Sunday is on 7th June, a date for your diary.

As our visitors and superb crew left on Sunday the last cow to calve, number 498 finally produced a thriving heifer calf. The 2019 calving season is officially over.

Open Farm Sunday was mainly sunny and warm which was perfect for tractor and trailer rides, woodland walks, cow demos, roast beef rolls and ice creams. And then the heavens opened on Monday afternoon and every Hampton field has sighed with relief, especially the hop gardens, which were becoming parched, and the grass meadows which were turning a straw brown and crying out for moisture. Apologies to anyone who got wet, but over here we love every moment of the downpours.

On FRIDAY 28th JUNE we are selling prime beef, Hampton wild venison, Hampton Herby Sausages and Hampton Special Steak Pies which we will soon be cooking.

Our pedigree beef herd is pasture fed and the cows are currently grazing in a very relaxed fashion in the water meadows by the River Wey. Idyllic. However, with such a natural slow growing system there are times when the cattle are simply not ready, and June 2019 is one of those times. Therefore, at our beef day on 28th June we will be selling frozen beef (frozen in May) rather than from the cold store. We have the most delicious frozen joints of silverside, topside, top rump, brisket and rib, plus good supplies of prime mince, shin, skirt and braising steak. There is also lots of offal available in the form of oxtails, kidney, liver, tongue and even heart. We have some excellent recipes for offal, all scrumptious. Just decide what you want, be it half a kilo of mince or a silverside joint, a double rib joint and two packs of Hampton Herby Sausages by way of examples and email your order over to us.

We also have excellent supplies of Hampton Wild Venison, all from the Estate woods and fields. This is fantastic meat, rich in flavour, low in fat and totally natural. A venison barbeque is a must for 2019 using a fillet, some steaks or for the adventurous a whole haunch. It all needs a hot oven or barbeque, the nerve to leave it to rest after cooking and be ready for the most appreciative compliments from all those you are cooking for. Depending on the season our venison stocks can be high or low, but take advantage of the former and order some now. We may not have any at all in a month’s time. We have lots of good venison recipes and can always help on the phone or email.

We will have stacks of Hampton Herbies which are delicious locally sourced pork sausages complimented with herbs from the Hampton walled garden, and of course fresh coffee and homemade cake will be ready for everyone from 10.30am.

Please send us your order for Hampton Naturally Reared Produce to helenjackson@hamptonestate.co.uk or pick up the phone and ring 01483 810465. Fresh coffee and Bridget’s homemade cake will be ready from 10.30am and we all look forward to seeing you.

With best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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