Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter July 2020

It’s Beef Drive Thru Day on Friday 31st July and we have plenty of beef supplies at the moment for your order. Our brilliant butcher, Simon Taylor (Captain of Team GB Butchery) has all his staff back at work and is able to process two animals this month. Said animals are currently hanging in the best beef temperature controlled cold store in the county and will continue to do so until Simon and his skilful team start to weave their butchery magic. Steaks, ribs (both carvery and short) and a huge range of joints and cuts are all available. Please order away.

Last month we concentrated on slow cooked brisket with a barbeque theme and the feed back has been really impressive. Perhaps we should write our first Hampton cookery book after all and congratulations to all those who took up the challenge of slow cooking. We have more briskets this month, and if there is any left over after mopping up the juices it makes sensational cold beef sandwiches. The really good news is that any joint eaten cold will be full of flavour, and beef salads, beef wraps and beef wedged between two hunks of bread (brown or white, granary or wholemeal) with a healthy dollop of either horseradish, mustard or mayo is one of summer’s great treats. Don’t forget a twist of salt and pepper. Topside, top rump, silverside and brisket are all perfect candidates and are ready to be ordered. Best of all is a carvery rib!

We are not able to take any more pie orders but we have lots of capacity for Hampton mince pasty orders. These are made by local chef Robyn and the prime minced beef is complimented by a range of seasonal veg all wrapped together in yummy pastry. A pasty is perfect picnic food.

Hampton Beef Bangers and Hampton Herby sausages are always extremely popular in the summer as they too are delicious hot or cold and we have lots available. Compliment them with our own Hampton 100% beef burgers and everyone will be happy. We have good supplies of beef burgers ready to be ordered.

We have made the majority of our hay for the year, cutting it last Monday, moving the grass around the field to get the air in to dry it (tedding) on Tuesday and Wednesday, making wide rows of it on Thursday (raking) and baling into large round bales on Friday. It’s all in the barn safely under cover and the winter larder is starting to fill. We will also be baling the straw from the arable crops around the estate when they are harvested later in August to give us more winter food. Meanwhile the cows and calves are eating grass all round the park and the recent rain has helped it start to regrow, a huge relief.

On the catering front Robyn is not only making Hampton pasties but is once again offering her fantastic homemade cakes, bread and brownies. The prices are;

8” cakes (8 servings)

Victoria sandwich £9

Lemon drizzle £9

Chocolate £11

Coffee £9

Seeded soda bread £4.50

Sticky ginger loaf £8

Fruit loaf £8

Chocolate brownies with white chocolate chunks (gluten free) £1 each, in batches of 4, 8 or 12

Our Drive Thru starts as usual at 10.30am and we really look forward to seeing everyone in a socially distanced way. If you would like to stroll around the garden and cast a professional eye over the herbaceous border and vegetables you will be more than welcome. Parking will be in the field just beyond the cattle grid and make your way up the lawn.

Helen is ready for your order helenjackson@hamptonestate.co.uk

Very best wishes and as ever we are so grateful for your support of Hampton Naturally Reared Pasture Fed Beef.

Bill and Bridget

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