Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter January 2020

Happy New Year to everyone and our first Beef Collection Day of 2020 is on the last Friday of the month, FRIDAY 31st JANUARY. Do come and see us, enjoy the special January cake, taste the fresh coffee and catch up on the Hampton food stories. Now is the time for rich casseroles, tasty stews, brothy style soups and slow, well-cooked joints all accompanied by a glass or two of red and a quick nap. For those on the alcohol-free January drive, just forgo the red and the nap.

We have good stocks of steak (sirloin and rump) and lots of ribs and joints for sale. Braising and stewing steak is in good supply and for all those fantastic lasagnes, bolognaises and cottage pies we have lots and lots of prime mince all ready to go. Hampton Herby Sausages and Hampton Beef Bangers will be available and so too is our own wild venison. A haunch is a winner, a fillet a bit smaller but the taste is absolutely sensational, and diced venison and minced venison are also in stock. Hampton Special Beef Pies are being cooked for the day and the majority will be made of minced beef although we will have a small number of steak pies for the aficionados (and the quick orderers).  They come in family sizes for four people, or individual sizes, and with some good English mustard and a dollop of fresh seasonal veg (parsnip and potato mash with cabbage and carrots) you can’t go wrong.

All the cows had their toes clipped this week, an annual occurrence involving a small angle grinder rather than a large pair of nail scissors and you will be pleased to learn that herd foot health is good. We also blood test all the cows this week to ensure that we remain a High Health Status herd. The blood test is for routine viruses and as a pedigree herd when we sell young heifers (females) as breeding stock to other farms it’s important to have the best possible proven health status. The other livestock task this week is to wean all the 2019 calves off their mothers, so that the cows have a break before calving in the spring. The calves look wonderfully well, especially in the rare moments of sunshine this month, and our natural calving procedure separates the calves and cows via a strong well-maintained fence. They can see each other and have the occasional lick, but the cow’s milk is replaced by a high protein grass-based cake.

Elsewhere on the Estate we are letting two high quality offices at Shoelands Farm Offices complete with fibre broadband into the front door of each, and have a refurbished three-bedroom cottage in Puttenham available for rent.

We look forward to seeing everyone for beef, sausages, venison and those Oh so popular special beef pies on Friday 31st January. Please order as soon as possible to let us know what you want.

With very best wishes from us all.

Bill and Bridget

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