Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Newsletter February 2020

Filmmakers always say never work with children or animals and sometimes in the farming world the animals certainly get the upper hand. This was definitely the case last Tuesday as the beef cattle flatly refused to come into the corralle for their grass nuts (normally the day’s culinary highlight) and serenely pottered down to the end of the field despite all our protestations. We had planned to lure them into the safe space of the corralle to split out our next two beef animals for slaughter. The upshot of this show of independence was that the cattle haulier left with an empty lorry, the abattoir had two less beasts to kill, and we have to push our next beef collection day to FRIDAY MARCH 6th. This week we had to be more cunning in our approach because we are adamant that our beef should hang for at least three weeks, hence the later beef day.

The good news is that it gives everyone a little more time to check cookery books and recipes, consult on line beef gurus and decide what the order for our pasture fed mouth-wateringly tasty beef will be. January saw a sell out of just about everything. Our special steak pies flew off the shelves, so too did the flavoursome stewing steak, braising steak and shin as so many customers are cooking up extra delicious casseroles and stews. Every joint found a new home and sirloin, rump and fillet steaks disappeared rapidly into Hampton hessian bags. We are delighted that Hampton naturally reared beef is so popular and for March 6th we should have excellent supplies of all the aforementioned cuts. Please book whatever you need, be it anything from a single pack of mince weighing 500 grams to a sirloin joint weighing 4 kilos. By ordering in advance, you are guaranteed we will have your meat ready and packed for March 6th.

Obviously, everyone is guaranteed fresh coffee and cake, the opportunity to meet other food connoisseurs, and the chance for a bit of foodie chat and updates from the farm.

Hampton Herbies and Beef Bangers will be available as is Hampton wild venison. As I write two deer carcasses hang in the cold store, both animals culled from our young woodlands where they were happily browsing our newly planted trees. At the moment we are in the hind (female) culling season, and their destructive capability in young woodlands is both impressive and frustrating for our forestry staff as we have to replant.

Infact tree planting is in full swing on the Estate with two areas (Britty Wood and Coach Bottom) being replanted after clear fell and one other area (Culverswell) needing replacement trees because of the scenario mentioned above. The new trees will be mainly Scots Pine and Douglas Fir and this is the start of their 75 year growing season.

Please do send your order over to Helen helenjackson@hamptonestate.co.uk or ring your order in on 01483 810465. The date again is FRIDAY 6th MARCH and we will be open from 10.30am and looking forward to seeing everyone throughout the day.

With best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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