Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter August 2020

This is the summer of change, of changed holiday plans, changed working environments, and changed social gatherings. It’s also the summer of changed Hampton beef days making our next beef collection day SATURDAY 19th SEPTEMBER. We will be open from 9.30am on Saturday morning until 3pm on Saturday afternoon and we all really look forward to seeing you then for our September DRIVE THRU. The reasons behind our date changes are twofold. Firstly, our hop harvest will start at the beginning of September, making it impossible to hold a beef day at the end of August, and secondly it looks likely that the Estate may be hosting more filming at the end of September and film trucks and customers’ cars don’t mix well. Therefore, the moons have aligned for Saturday 19th September and we will have excellent stocks of prime beef, herby and beef sausages, special steak pies, 100% beef burgers, really wild Hampton venison and slow cooking flavoursome offal all for ordering.

All our beef is certified Pasture for Life as the animals graze the meadows of the Hogs Back or water meadows next to the River Wey, making it supremely flavoursome and nutritious. Hampton sirloin or rump steak (or venison fillet or haunch steak) seared over a high heat and served with a late summer salad of roasted aubergines, peppers and courgette, adding fresh tomatoes, herbs and some fried haloumi cheese simply cannot be beaten. Unless of course you have chosen the slow food route and baked that stunning piece of brisket laden with salt and pepper and drizzled with olive oil for about 9 hours. Hampton beef joints work so well with salads and roast summer veg there are endless options.

Do have a look at our pricelist and devise your order making sure you have supplies for all eventualities. Don’t forget the prime Hampton mince for spag bol and cottage pies or our 100% beef burgers and sausages as it’s far too early to put the barbeque away, and who knows, it may be an Indian summer.

Robyn is delighted to supply you again this month with cakes, brownies and soda bread as detailed below and please add your requirements to your meat order.

8” cakes (8 servings)

Victoria sandwich £9

Lemon drizzle £9

Chocolate £11

Coffee £9

Sticky gingerbread loaf £8

Fruit loaf £8

Seeded soda bread £4.50

Chocolate brownies with white chocolate chunks (gluten free) £1 each, in batches of 4, 8 or 12

The park grassland dried up completely last week as the temperatures headed north of 30 degrees every day and we are feeding all the cows and calves with hay and straw. The only exception is the group of young heifers and steers (girls not yet calved and castrated boys as you know) who are grazing above Seale almost on the top of the Hogs Back. We haven’t used this field for grazing for years and had to replumb water and refence with electric fencing, but they have the best view ever.

The arable fields have now all been harvested and we grabbed the barley straw as soon as it had dried from behind the combine, baling it into round bales and storing it in the old dairy farm barns at Myrtle’s Courtyard. As with the hay, yields this year are low and we will have to find some more straw for our winter larder.

The hops however have survived the summer much better than expected and are flourishing. Hop bines are now available for ordering for £25 each, and make a terrific 365 day dried flower display. The hop bine of cones, leaves and stem forms a swag of about 8 to 12 feet long and according to the old saying, ‘a hop in the house and you never go poor’!

Do place your order with Helen, helenjackson@hamptonestate.co.uk do check out the price list on our website www.hamptonestate.co.uk for inspiration and beefy thoughts and we all really look forward to seeing you in your car on Saturday 19th September. Your order will be ready, the herbs will be fresh and the parkland fields may well have a semblance of green. You never know.

With very best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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