Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter August 2017

A very big thank you to all those who supported our Friday night Pop Up Restaurant last week. Beef in a bap went down a treat and it was wonderful to see so many friends enjoying an evening at Myrtle’s Courtyard in holiday mode. I think that the final tally was 166 diners eating 201 baps and Bridget roasted 30 joints of silverside, top side and top rump, all of varying sizes. The useful tip is to rely on a meat thermometer which was a huge help and incredibly accurate. Once the joint is registering 50 degrees centigrade in the thickest part whip it out and let it stand.

And Im delighted to report that silverside, topside and top rump are all available at our next beef day which will be on FRIDAY 18th AUGUST. Our beef bags are all ready to be ordered, in the 10kg, 4 kg or barbeque varieties, and we are also ready for any other beef request that you have. Just some mince is fine, or a kilo of braising steak, or a mighty bespoke barbeque order of 50 100% beef burgers and 75 Hampton Herby sausages is eminently copeable with.

Please don’t forget that we also have good supplies of wild Hampton venison. Our Roe deer make fantastic meat and it is definitely worth a try if you have never ventured into this territory. Will is our number one venison butcher and has been busy carving the most tender venison steaks which barbeque brilliantly with the minimum of fuss. So long as the heat source is hot you are guaranteed good results. Add some seasoning to the meat, some fresh herbs, a drop of oil and by the time you’ve finished your first glass of red you have supper virtually cooked.

For the adventurous there will be offal for sale, and savouring fried liver is for some the ultimate delicacy, whilst the same dish for others is a complete no no. Liver, tongue, oxtail, and even heart are all for available to order for Friday 18th August.  Just email your order over to Helen, or do ring if it’s easier. We are always up for a beef chat.

The farming year is brewing up for our hop harvest and this year it is all change. Since planting our new hop garden in Puttenham, thereby almost doubling our acreage, we have also invested in a new oast house, (the first new hop oast in Surrey for 100 years), a new hop picking shed and picking machine, new tractors and trailers and we are now working out how to make our hop picking even more efficient and streamlined. Please look out for tractors and trailers on the Seale/ Puttenham road from Tuesday 29th August for at least a fortnight, as we move as many hops as quickly as we can to be picked in our new Bruff hop picker. They will then be dried in our four, state of the art self-levelling kilns before being pressed and packed in bales.

This year we are able to sell freshly picked and pressed Hampton Fuggle hops to the discerning home brewer. We will be vacuum packing a small quantity of our finest hops in 100 gm packs and these will be for sale from harvest onwards for £5.40 per pack. This will be the first time that local Hampton hops are available for local brewers who are searching for the best possible hop product.

We will also have hop bines for sale, direct from the oast, and do ring to reserve your bine. It will make a terrific 365 dried flower arrangements once hung, but be sure to do that the day you pick it up and it will gently dry in situ, giving you a wonderful aroma.

VACANCIES FOR HOP PICKERS. I am still looking for a few more enthusiastic hop pickers to join the team this year. The work is well suited to students returning broke from holiday and looking to earn some money before the university term begins again. We start on Tuesday 29th August for approximately two and a half weeks. Please get in touch if you would like to be considered.

Having harvested our own hops we will then be picking and drying the hops at The Hogs Back Brewery. They have different varieties which ripen slightly later and this fits in well for our system. Watch out for hop tractors and trailers coming from the other direction at this point, down from the Hogs Back towards Puttenham.

Do put FRIDAY AUGUST 18th into your diary and do send us an email with your order, or ring to place your order, of naturally reared Hampton beef. Our next beef collection day will not be until Friday 29th September so it would be a smart move to stock up now. Fresh coffee, cakes and sausage tasters will be ready from 10.30am and STOP PRESS there is more of Molly’s Country Pate available if you have run out, do add a pack to your order.

We all look forward to seeing you on the 18th

Very best wishes to all

Bill and Bridget

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