Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter August 2016


Although it’s the holiday season it’s also the barbeque season, the cold beef on a platter season, the lasagne for all the family season and now and again the wow, let’s have a proper roast season. To cater for all these seasons you will need some majestic, succulent, flavoursome and well hung beef and the next Hampton beef collection day is on FRIDAY 19th AUGUST.

Orders are now being taken for;

  1. Our very popular barbeque bags which hold 1kg of steak, 12 beef bangers and 8 of our 100% beef burgers.
  2. Our really helpful 4kg beef bags featuring steak, a roasting joint and a variety of minced beef, stewing and braising steak
  3. Our 10kg Hampton family bags with the same ingredients but in bigger quantities
  4. Hampton Herby Sausages (pork) or Hampton Beef Bangers (beef).Six to a pack.
  5. Your own made up order no matter how big or small. Think of your favourite joint or steak and just order it. If you simply need a kilo of mince just order it.
  6. Hampton 100% beef burgers. Delicious, easy and a winner at every barbeque. Four to a pack.
  7. Hampton wild venison. Barbequing a haunch of venison is the height of decadence but so well worth it. Alternatively we have venison fillet, steaks, diced and mince. If you have never tried Hampton venison then now is the time. You won’t be disappointed
  8. Hampton Healthy offal. Kidney, liver, heart, oxtail and even tongue is all available and completely delicious. The liver melts in the frying pan, and a slow baked oxtail just oozes flavour.

As always there will be freshly brewed coffee, biscuits and cake when you come to pick up, or a glass of red or white at lunch time and a sausage taster to help you through the day.

Busy, busy on the farm over the past four weeks. We have made all the hay we need for the cows for the winter and each bale has been stacked in the Dutch barn. We have just finished bringing in the barley straw, again for the cows for the winter and the great sunshine has meant that it is wonderfully dry and will be very popular in the bovine world. Again, this has been stacked in the Dutch barn. Adjacent to the barn is our stack of plastic wrapped Lucerne bales also for winter feed, and our larder is now full. Excellent news, especially if you are a Hampton cow.

In the hop gardens the crop is maturing and mini hops are developing as you can see in the photo at the top of the page. In hop speak this is called ‘burr.’ This develops into proper fruit (the hop) over the next four weeks and we will start harvesting the crop at the end of August. Hopefully by the 20th of September all our hops will be picked and dried, and also those belonging to the Hogs Back Brewery which we will bring over to our oast in Puttenham from Tongham.

And in order to do this we will need one or two more students to join the home student team. If you know of any students keen for a job from 7.00am Tuesday 30th August until mid-September who are motivated and keen to get involved please let me know as soon as possible. We offer good rates of pay and the opportunity to join a team for some honest farm work. We will of course be selling decorative hop bines from the hop garden during the picking season. These are brilliant 365 day dry flower arrangements and look great in kitchens, barns, conservatories and wedding marquees. Do ring the estate office on 01483 810465 or email: billbiddell@hamptonestate.co.uk

Don’t forget to put your beef order in as well.

Lots of events have taken place at Hampton this summer, ranging from a party for The Queen’s 90th Birthday, to an estate day for 200 schoolchildren who all learnt about farming, butchery, bees, woodlands and gundog training. Sadly the annual estate cricket match did not take place however there is to be a very special fundraising cricket match at Shackleford on Thursday 25th August when Shackleford will be taking on an international all-stars team called Lashings All Stars. This is a fundraising event for the new Shackleford Pavilion and details are available from: david.hockley07@btinternet.com  who is keen to hear from anyone who can support this event.

Bridget and I really look forward to seeing everyone who is picking up beef on FRIDAY 19th AUGUST and together with Kate in the office we are always happy to advise on specific joints, cuts, or recipes. Just call or email for more info.

Very best for the holidays and some inspired cooking.

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