Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter April 2018

Easter is over, the primroses are out, the daffs are still waving and the clocks have gone forward, all of which should create a healthy whiff of spring in the air. However, we seem to be stuck in a spot of a low pressure, rain inducing don’t put the barbeque out yet cycle which we will all be glad to see the back of and makes us all still think of casseroles rather than a light beef carpaccio with salad.

I am very pleased to report that beef casserole supplies will be available, along with every other joint, cut, minced, diced, and steaked beef at our next BEEF DAY on FRIDAY 27th APRIL.

We have Hampton beef bags, of the 4 or 10kg varieties which are always popular and give variety and a backup store of great tasting beef. Both have steaks, joints, minced and braising and of course can be added to on the day. Many of our customers like to ‘go bespoke’ and order a specific cut or joint and we are delighted to accommodate your every bovine wish. A sirloin joint for 12 is always popular, and so too is 10kgs of prime mince or at the other end of the scale half a kilo of stewing steak. We are infinitely flexible and can normally put together exactly what anyone needs. It’s a challenge we enjoy and we don’t mind small, medium or large orders. You are all wonderful customers.

Hampton Herby sausages and Hampton Beef Bangers come in packs of six and we always seem to run out so do order as soon as possible and Hampton wild venison supplies are starting to grow again. Wild roe deer from the estate is culled by our very experienced gamekeeper Paul in order to control numbers, preserve young trees and maintain a healthy wild deer herd. We have a very loyal venison following and given its wonderful taste it’s easy to see why.

And at this point I normally mention Hampton Special Beef Pies but this month I can do more than that as I announce the latest Hampton Naturally Reared Product. Roll of drums, crashing of cymbals; ‘Hampton Homemade.’

We are expanding our range to include not just beef pies but also Hampton Homemade prime beef bolognaise and Hampton beef casserole as ready meals, cooked and packaged and ready to freeze or eat. The main ingredient will of course be our own beef but added to this will be the best local vegetables to create mouth-watering wholesome family favourites from tried and tested recipes. The meals will be handily packed in helpful amounts for two or three people and our April beef day will see them on sale for the first time. Take the hassle out of cooking for once, enjoy Hampton culinary handiwork and soak up the praise! This is new and fun and is to fulfil a demand a number of customers have made.

Out and about on the farm we have had 17 beef calves to date, all fine fit specimens and no particular calving issues. We will only interfere in the calving process if we think there is a problem, and as we are watching the expectant mothers on a very regular basis throughout the day we soon know if a problem might arise. All mothers and calves are doing well and feeding off a rich diet of lucerne and meadow hay which will give plenty of protein to stimulate the natural milk production of each mum. We have 20 more to calve and hope that by the end of the calving season we will all be enjoying warm sun, dry conditions and a good flush of grass. In other words, spring.

And we are hoping for warm sunny conditions for the annual Hampton Ride in the Park, when we close the drives and invite everyone to take to their bikes, scooters and roller-skates for safe biking, the garden will be open and ice creams and teas are on sale. This all happens on SUNDAY 20th MAY from 2pm. So do put the date in your diary. All proceeds go to the United Parish funds.

Fresh coffee and cake will start at 10.30am on FRIDAY 27th APRIL, we will have your order ready to go and Helen, Will, Bridget and I will be looking forward to catching up with you. Please do send us your requirements, and if you have any queries over what to order we are here to help.

With very best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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