Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce News October 2018

As I write this it is such a beautiful autumnal morning and everyone on the farm has been taking photos of the sunrise, cloud formations, golden leafed trees and spiders webs. It is just one of those mornings when the countryside hums with beauty and as we all have the ability to take a quick picture then why not record it? A couple of the results are above and our album of evocative countryside images is fast filling up on Instagram. If you’re on Instagram or just getting started follow us @ hampton_estate to keep up with estate activities.

Let’s hope that it is just as lovely on Friday 2nd NOVEMBER when we all look forward to seeing you when you pick up your beef order. We will be open from 10.30am for freshly brewed coffee and slices of Bridget’s cakes and biscuits. A winner for us this weekend was a delicious pumpkin cake which I’m pretty sure will make its debut for a beef day on the 2nd.

We have two beef carcasses hanging in the butcher’s cold store, letting the meat mature and relax whilst we take your orders by email or phone. We are confident that it will be mouth wateringly delicious when you take the first bite, but will it be from a sizzling sirloin steak, your finest slow herb infused braised casserole or a tomato and onion based prime mince bolognaise? We know that our customers are great chefs and use innovative recipes but it all starts with the best ingredients.

At the moment we have every joint, steak, roast, or offal, in fact any piece of beef that you might want, ready to be ordered. We have Hampton beef bags for sale both 10kg and 4kg which have handy amounts of steak, joints, braising and minced beef and are always popular. Alternatively please make up your own order of bespoke beef, perhaps a roasting joint, some braising steak and a couple of kilos of prime mince? Beef supplies as you have gathered are excellent today, but as the month progresses and your orders come in more and more will be spoken for and we hate any customers to be disappointed for want of a quick email or phone call to the office. Do add a packet of Hampton Herbies or Hampton Beef Bangers to your order, don’t forget that we are selling Special Beef Pies in both family and individual sizes on 2nd November and they go like hot cakes, and think about a piece of wild Hampton venison for a special treat. The beef world is your oyster!

The herd is finishing off the last of the late summer grass and we are gradually moving them to the drier fields in the park above the house for their winter grazing. Once the grass is finished we will feed them oat straw from our fields on the Hogs Back, which we baled in the summer, and which they thrive on. Our next cattle related job is to pregnancy diagnose all the mums which involves bringing all the cows into the corral where the vet will scan them and hopefully give us an approximate due date. We can then start planning our calving programme for the spring.

On the property front we have both a one bedroom cottage and a two bedroom cottage to let at Binton Farm Cottages, and a three bedroom cottage to let in the middle of Seale. All are in good order and all the details are on the Grantley letting agent’s website. We also have one vacant office at Shoelands Farm Offices. It is just over 1000 square feet, has lots of parking, excellent broadband, and we welcome well behaved dogs at the complex with their well behaved owners! All details from Churchods in Farnham.

All of us really look forward to seeing you on 2nd November. Please put your order in and do ring the office if any culinary advice is needed on the beef front. Fresh coffee from 10.30am and let us hope that the sun will be shining and the colours will be spectacular.

Best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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