Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce News February 2019

STOP PRESS. Our February Beef Day has moved from Friday 22nd February to FRIDAY 1st MARCH and we all really hope that this won’t upset your diaries and that you will still be able to visit us. The reasons for a change in dates are numerous and complicated suffice to say that the Oscar ceremony of the hop world where we will be collecting The Wigan Cup for our Fuggles hops clashes, one of our key team members is zooming around the Alps with planks strapped to her feet, and this combination leaves Helen to make coffee and cakes, serve our customers with beef, take payments and carry Hampton bags from cold store to car. Helen is multi-talented but this could be a step too far, hence the change in date.

It also evens out the beef days a bit in the calendar and gives our pastry chef a chance to try out new Alpine inspired cake recipes on us all, thus the first day of March it is.

Our pasture fed naturally reared prime succulent beef is available and ready, and Helen is waiting for your order. As always, no order is too small and every order is important so please decide your requirements and zip them over to the office here  helenjackson@hamptonestate.co.uk . Life could not be simpler. Just to tempt you with the undoubted benefits of pasture fed beef below is an extract from a recent Pasture Fed paper;

“In recent years there has been increasing evidence of the benefits of eating pasture-raised and grass-fed meat and dairy. These are not just limited to animal welfare and the environment, but also include health benefits for humans.

Grass-fed meat tends to be lower in total fat and also has higher levels of ‘good fats’ such as omega 3.  Milk and meat from grass-fed animals have higher vitamin levels, particularly vitamins A (β-carotene) and E(α-tocopherol). Some studies also show higher mineral levels.”

At Hampton we are committed to rearing only the very best quality beef with the very best taste and this is always our goal.

As usual we have beef joints in the form of ribs, silverside, top side, top rump, sirloin and rump steaks, braising steak, stewing steak, and prime mince all available now. And we also have Hampton wild venison for sale, Hampton Herby and Beef sausages, our very special prime mince pies (which sped off the shelves last month and any feedback on our alternative recipe would be much appreciated) plus Hampton 100% beef burgers and even our own wild rabbit and frozen pheasant. Look at the recipe book, check the fridge, give the freezer a once over and then send in your order.

On the herd front we are expecting the first cows to calve from the beginning of March onwards and by the look of the cows we may well have quite a number all at once. We will be checking the “down calvers” regularly three times a day once the first group is installed in the calving field, at dawn, midday and late evening. This is a smaller field which is very close to our cattle handling facilities and therefore in easy reach of any kit we may need and close to the cattle crush where we can hold a cow if we decide to help with the calving. All cows calve outside and the vast majority do so without any help at all. There are plenty of warm spots in the field (behind trees and in dips) so that on even the coldest of nights there is shelter for a new born calf and the cows have a natural ability for finding the best locations.

We all look forward to seeing you on FRIDAY 1st MARCH and coffee, tea, cake and biscuits will be ready from 10.30am onwards. Please send over your order and we have your beef/venison/sausages/pheasant/rabbit/pies ready and waiting.

Very best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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