Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce May 2017

Our May beef day will be on FRIDAY 26th May and Bridget, Will, Kate and I look forward to seeing everyone for coffee, cake, tea, sausage tasters and a good old chat, and we would also like to load you up with the best beef and naturally reared produce imaginable.

Hampton Barbeque Bags are proving extremely popular at the moment and with a kilo of steak, 12 beef sausages and 8 beef burgers they really do cater for all the family in a very convenient way. Personally I will barbeque just about any cut of beef, from a slow roasted herb encrusted brisket which will also benefit from a whiff of oak chip in the fire to a searingly hot rolled sirloin which takes a fraction of the time but will still be pink and tender in the middle. Beefburgers are really handy for barbeque catering and in a Tongham bakery roll with Hampton salad and a good dollop of mayo they epitomise the English barbeque. Sausages certainly add to the melee and either Hampton Herbies or Hampton Beef Bangers hit the spot, especially with English or Dijon mustard. We really have everything for your perfect beef barbeque, and all ready for you to collect.

A more adventurous barbeque entails a haunch of Hampton wild venison or a slab of venison steaks, a drop of oil and a hot barbeque. It can also be the justification for that really special bottle of red which really does need drinking about now, and you have a guaranteed wow factor for all friends and family lucky enough to be invited. Go on, have a go.

Last month every bag of fresh liver shot off the coldstore shelves and we received rave reviews. It really was incredibly delicious fried with bacon and a shallot and you could feel the goodness. It’s ridiculously cheap and well worth exploring if you aren’t yet an aficionado. We also have oxtail and tongue, both of which make delicious dishes and these alternative cuts are bursting with flavour. I put it down to the cow’s diet of completely natural foods (grass, hay, lucerne) and an outdoor life at all times of the year.

So we have lots of beef available, in all the usual forms (10kg family bags, 4 kg convenience bags, barbeque bags) plus any mixture of joints, steaks or cuts that you can think of. Don’t forget that we will always have prime minced beef and stewing and braising steak too. Add sausages (beef or pork) and venison fillet, haunch, steaks, diced and minced, and you have the whole array of Hampton Naturally Reared Produce to select from. We await your order eagerly by email, phone, letter or carrier pigeon.

Around the farm work continues in the hop gardens where the young hops have been trained up the strings and are now launching themselves to the top of the trellis work. Hops are particularly susceptible to downy and powdery mildew at this time of year and also the hop damson aphid is expected to arrive any day to start causing hop havoc. Luckily we employ an excellent specialist agronomist to advise us on how to tackle these issues and we spend a lot of time this month inspecting the hops to get an early warning of any such gremlins.

In the new hop building work is progressing with the installation of the hop picking machine and the kilns, which we use for drying the hops. We were heartened during our recent tour of a hop farm in Tasmania to find that they use identical drying methods as our own, especially as they farm 850 acres of hops and we are now up to a heady 25 acres.

Sadly the Ride in the Park due to take place on Sunday 21st May has been postponed for 2017 however anyone wanting good physical exercise should apply immediately to The 2nd Farnham Hale Scouts who are once again staging The Woodland Woggle here at Hampton on Sunday 14th May. It is a 10k fun run and has proved extremely popular over the years with approximately 500 runners taking part last year and significant funds raised for the Scouts. The course takes in the bluebell woods and starts with a veritable sprint past the house.

Meanwhile on the filming front E. M. Forsters Howards End filmed here last weekend for a day, using a glorious vintage Humber which was filmed on the drive. As always it is astonishing just how many people it takes to film one car with two occupants, but the proof will be in the pudding when it is aired on TV in 2018 and we are all wowed.

Friday 26th May is the next day for your diary for the best Surrey beef and we all look forward to seeing you at Hampton for coffee and cake from 10.30am.

By 11.30 there will be sausage tasters and by 12.30pm the red will be open. It must be the most tempting way to shop.
Our next beef day will be on FRIDAY 21st JULY.

Very best wishes to all.

Bill and Bridget


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