Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Newsletter September 2019

It was great to see so many new faces at our August Beef Day and welcome so many old friends. It was all a bit hectic at times, coinciding with a morning harvest of hop bines for sale on the day and some strategic holidays, but we were blessed with blue skies and sunshine all day and I know many customers enjoyed a potter around the garden.

Our next Hampton Beef Day is on Friday September 27th and if this amazing Indian summer continues, I am sure that we will be inundated for steaks to sizzle, bangers and beef burgers to barbeque and short ribs to slowly savour. We will have our usual array of barbeque bags, 4kg handy bags and 10 kg family size bags all packed full of beef, but don’t forget that we also cater for any order of any size. Half a kilo of prime minced beef is absolutely fine, as is an order for one pack of Hampton Herby sausages. At the other end of the scale an order for a complete sirloin or a three-rib carvery joint is not a problem at all. Don’t forget to add a Hampton Special Beef Pie onto the order, they go like hot cakes, and there will be supplies of the most delicious Hampton wild venison. The shopping experience is the same for everyone, fresh coffee, fresh cake and a chance to chat and shoot the breeze catching up on culinary tips. Do send over your order to Helen to make sure your beef and other tasties are ready for collection helenjackson@hamptonestate.co.uk.

In early August we had an inspection of all our cattle, all our records, all our pasture and all our management methods and consequently we are delighted to announce that Hampton Estate Farms are certified Pasture for Life members. We can fly the flag with pride, brandish the logo with aplomb and we are proud to be part of a movement which champions the best pasture fed grazing regimes in the UK. We were well placed to achieve this gold standard as our animals are already pasture fed for their entire lives and we don’t rely on grain or other feeds to boost their performance. It’s a slow system but it suits our more extensive pastures really well and is a perfect fit for Hampton high quality farming. Wow, we are immodest, however we know how much our customers value delicious pasture fed beef, grown, slaughtered, hung and butchered all within four miles of Hampton.

We are demob happy after two full weeks of hop harvesting. Our Fuggles hops are now all picked, dried and pressed and will be heading off to regional breweries and hop merchants throughout the UK in the coming weeks. We are even exporting some to the USA this year. We had a fine team led by daughter Molly, working on the picking machine or the hop garden for the harvest period, and every tractor on the farm is used to transport the hops from garden to oast. The weather was perfect and the crop is really pleasing with above average yield and good-looking quality.

Please come and see us on Friday 27th September and do send over your order as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment. We will be open from 10.30am and very much look forward to a catch up.

Best wishes

Bill and Bridget


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